Utah Suburban Life vs. SF City Life

Back in UT visiting college friends for the long Memorial Day weekend (thank god – I needed it)…has made me ponder about how different life here was, is & will continue to be compared to my life in SF.

1. Pace of life

As with any suburban vs city comparison, the pace of life in UT is vastly slower to that of SF.

UT: More chill and focused on family & relationships. More focused on community, service & family. Most of my friends are married with kids.

I’ve been loving it this weekend especially since it is exactly what I needed to recharge – catch up with close friends & meet their babies + spouses.

Yes, you heard me right…babies & spouses. Life is quite different than my swinging single life in SF where most my friends are also singletons.

SF: Also chill, but more focused on career & keeping up with their 10000 hobbies. More self focused. Most of my friends are singletons.

2. Cost of living

When I told my friends how much I pay in rent (& my rent is cheap for SF) they told me I could afford a mortgage for cheaper than my rent.

Also for the price of an apartment I could buy a really nice home in UT.

Ah this is why I love Utah. Home ownership is the way to go! I’d never own a home in the next few years in SF.

Doing things in UT is fun, cheap & often you get to split it among many of your friends. Eating at my favourite place (cafe rio = way better than chipotle btw) is affordable. I used to eat there more than once a week in college!

3. Proximity to Nature

Honestly everywhere in Utah is beautiful. I saw snow capped mountains walking to & fro from college, nature is just an ingrained part of life here.

Definitely no mentally handicapped people harassing me on public transport or on the street, no pee or poop around the corner.

See below for unedited picture taken from my friend’s living room! I love this place.

4. Everyone is married or getting married

Just how it is here vs. city life where everyone is trying to find someone who checks all their boxes, lives together etc. & doesn’t believe in settling down.

I’m nowhere close to settling down in the near future (my choice and not really for me right now – career comes first) but many of my friends are so happy. Makes me happy too. In fact, my closest friends are my role models and show me that you can have an amazing career, married life, be parents to the cutest kid & still be very very happy. They inspire me!

No one is perfect but they make it all work out & look hella good while doing so!

5. All my friends have babies!

& I love playing aunt :)

It has been such a tremendous joy seeing my friends become such selfless parents to their kids. In awe.

Thanks for the memorable weekend Utah, & for offering this SF city girl a different & much needed reminder/perspective! x

Till the next time,