Questionnaire to tell if someone’s a snoflake

For years now I’ve been hearing more and more about “snowflakes”, and I’ve been wonderig whether or not they are real, and a problem as some people may say.

People from the left side of the political spectrum say that there are actually LESS snowflakes than ever this generation, and that we will continue to see less. People from the right hand side of the spectrum disagree.

Ultimately, I was convinced: The evidenced presented by the right political wing made sense: Snowflakes had clearly been much more of an issue in cosmopolitan cities like New York than in rural areas like the state of Kansas or Texas. Also, as they say, the presence of many snowflakes together has been the cause of productivity declines in not only companies, but entire cities, and the goverment knows about this.

With all this in my head, and after months of research, I’ve produced: The guide to spot if you are a snowflake. Ask this question to your friends and yourself to be able to spot snowflakes from real people.

Question no. 1) — What do you do you usually do on summer?
A) Take some holidays
B) Complain about the weather
C) Stop existing

Question no. 2) What is your colour?
A) White
B) Other
C) I’d rather not say

Question no. 3) What is the most common colour of other in your group
A) White
B) Other
C) There’s not a most common colour.

Question no. 4) — What do you do when you are in a typical room in a work office?
A) Work as hard as I can
B) Do nothing all day, expect to get paid anyway
C) Melt

Question no. 5) How much carbon would you say can be found in your body
A) 18.5%
B) None
C) Not sure

Question no. 6) What would you say is the shape of your main body:
A) Like a sphere / blob
B) Muscular / thin
C) Crystal-like

This are the answers to this question that a typical snowflake would give: 
1) C — 2)A — 3) A — 4) C — 5) B — 6) C

If you find out that you are snowflake, try not let people walk over you… as they might slip.

Thanks for taking the test!

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