Andrew Judah — Blinding Light. Kontrolliertes Chaos.

Wow, was für ein großartiger Song. Blinding Light von Andrew Judah entwickelt sich von einem leicht elektrifizierten Folk-Song im Stil der Fleet Foxes zu einem tanzbaren Downtempo-Track.

Der kanadische Songwriter hat sich für dieses Jahr eine Menge vorgenommen: „Metanoia is a sprawling 21 track album, which will be created and evolve in as close to real time as possible. Taking form as 7 separate 3 track EPs, released once a month from June 6th until December 5th, 2016. In an attempt to subvert the modern pitfalls of self censoring, each one will be written and unleashed on a very tight deadline. None of these are finished. The goal is to allow for change, experimentation and growth. Controlled chaos.“


Originally published at on June 6, 2016.

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