How intelligent are we and what do we call intelligence?

How aware are we of the intelligence that our bodies are holding?

Have you ever considered how special it is to learn to speak, to walk, to drive a car, to cook, to perform any craft such as carpentry, clock-making, painting, plumbing and so on? All this we do by learning through the body by trial and error. We are not bothered if we do not have the techniques straight away as there is an inner impulse that just wants and knows how to learn it e.g. when we fall over when we learn how to walk, we just get up and move on, we give it another go. We simply accept that we have to learn that skill, that our bodies have to be trained in the movement in repetitive cycles and that it takes time to master what has to be learned.

How different is this compared to the learning we have to do on school, where we have to learn from the mind and in fact are asked to train our brains. In this type of learning, we have to proof on regular predefined moments, by test or an exam, how well we know the subjects of the curriculum. We are actually not allowed to learn it in our own way, as in learning to walk. No there are predefined moments where we must know those matters of the subject that are considered to be important to know.

Although it is hard to compare the two types of learning as described above, because they are in essence so different from one another, we can definitely see that in the learning from the mind there is only one part of the body involved, our brain, while in the learning by the body we can see teamwork of our body and mind. Another difference is that what we have learned with our body, our body will never forget. It just knows how to walk, how to climb the stairs or how to drive a car and in that we never have to look back into our old study books as our body just knows all that it has learned, even to such an extent that when we did not drove a car for a long time our hands and feet just know how to operate it. How different is this from that what we learn from the mind. There you see the tendency to forget and a need to learn it all over again when we have not practised or used that what we have learned a while ago. We need the books, the exams and so on, to get ourselves familiar with the subject again.

How intelligent are we and what do we call ‘intelligent’? We are used to call the people that have studied on high school and university intelligent because they know a lot on particular subjects, in fact by regurgitating what they have learned from their study and study books, which in general is highly valued in our society.

How different do we value the carpenter or the plumber with respect to intelligence. We say they are not as smart as the people we call ‘intelligent’ and rate them with a lower status. But when we observe more carefully we can see that what these people deliver through their work and services is actually invaluable as they bring it from their hearts and through their bodies which give that special touch to it we all do recognise and appreciate. You cannot make a chair or a cupboard only from regurgitating that what you have learned from a book. In that we need the intelligence of the body, as the body knows exactly how to work the materials at hand, it knows what tools to use and force to apply all in a rhythm to fabricate that what will be useful for people for example as a shelter to protect for the harsh environment of our planet, or a dinner table to share our meals with our loved ones.

Where does this article go to you might question, is it about equal appreciation for a professor and a carpenter? In fact, this is also important and maybe a subject for another article, but what I want to present here is that what we call ‘intelligent’ maybe is not that intelligent at all, that there is an intelligence that is from a much greater wisdom and knowing than we even can imagine with our mind. We all know it and have experience with it, actually any moment in our life there is the opportunity to let our body be our guide. They are these moments you cannot say that you have learned how to do or be when you were young or somewhere at school or at any how to be or do course. You just know it, as it is from connecting something grander than you.

That is what we call intuition or Whole Body Intelligence, an intelligence that is far beyond that what we can grab with our minds and comes from the body that connects to an intelligence that corresponds to the universe, the intelligence that makes everything in the universe work together as one. Our bodies and its particles (the atoms, protons electrons etc.), are part of this grand order and thus naturally respond to it. Only when we interfere with our mind, which we do a lot, we disconnect ourselves from that wisdom and will work from that other ‘intelligence’ which we are championing so much but is in fact is only a separated part of the whole.