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What is Blockchain and how is FidentiaX using it?

I am sure that most of you, interested to see what is under this title, already know a little bit about the Blockchain. If not, then I will tell you some things about it and how its amazing possibilities can be use within the Insurance Policies industry by a great project developed by blockchain startup advisor and his team in the FidentiaX project.

Blockchain is the most popular thing at the moment and believed to be the greatest thing in the near future and currently there are more and more experts in this fied that develop ICOs and businesses around the amazing posibilities that blockchain has to offer.
When we talk about contracts, money and transactions of any kind, then we need the record of all them as those are between the defining pylons in any economic system. The records of any transactions and contracts protect our holdings and offer security and a well defined organizational portfolio of boundaries. The records guide the actions of the managers and not only but also the social action. What’s more, well these incredulous instruments and the organizations shaped on deal with them do not really kept up for with the changes in the economy and lose the advanced that this changes bring. They’re such as a rush-hour gridlock trapping an equation in a auto race. In a so much advanced world, those traditional routes and the regulating ways need to change in order to ensure our progress.

Blockchain technology promises to solve all these problems. The innovation at the core of bitcoin and other virtual monetary forms, the blockchain technology is an open, circulated ledger that can record exchanges between two owners and in an undeniable and changeless way. The record itself can likewise be customized to trigger exchanges consequently.

FidentiaX seen advantages in Insurance Policies industry:

FidentiaX has seen the advantages that policies purchased from the open market can bring to the owner of the policies, advantages like:

1. Intrinsic Capital Preservation Feature
Money estimation of an approach comprise of ensured and pronounced returns by the back up plans. i.e. money esteem is viably protected and supported by the back up plan. Besides this, insurance agencies are profoundly directed by national banks/legislative bodies which have stringent rules on the hold prerequisites for the insurance agencies.

2. Fixed Investment Holding
Maturity date (for endowment plans) is defined and allows every time a cash flow management and a portfolio scheduling.

3. Mortality Upper part
Arrangements obtained on the auxiliary market usually is centered around the money estimation of the approach and does not cost in the component of Total Guaranteed in case of mortality of the life guaranteed. The Whole Guaranteed sum could conceivably be fundamentally higher than the money esteem.

4. Approximating “Setup” Charge Of Insurance
Unique arrangement holder takes the brunt of the setup cost in the primary couple of years because of how protection approaches are organized. The cost of dissemination (commission payable to operators, guaranteeing cost, and so forth.) is deducted in the primary couple of years of the approach.

5. The availability of liquid value
Tradable insurances can be exchanged in the open market or given at the guarantor for prompt liquidity value.

6. The flowing Of The Returns
Insurance agencies don’t commonly pronounce all income that they earned in a decent year and keep the returns that are not distributed as a hold value. These stores are appropriated amid an awful year to smooth out the execution of the basic assets.

The upsides of buying a tradable insurance from the platform as the open market are obvious, still, accessing tradable arrangements from a worth trusting and dependable platform isn’t as direct as it should be. There is no prominent commercial center that gives simple access to potential purchasers trying to incorporate insurances that can bbe purchased in their briefcase.

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FidentiaX’s solution on Insurance Policies industry:

FidentiaX will offer a standardized fulfillment process for the transaction of the insurance policies, which will no longer need for the buyer to put their trust on the third-party provider.
FidentiaX will build a folio-case with the goal of giving prevalent execution against a comparative hazard class ventures. The model portfolio will be utilized to exhibit the benefits of having strategies of buying as a component of a speculation procedure. The profits produced from the portfolio will be utilized to support future improvement of the biological system.

Analysis of the Market Potential

The target for FidentiaX is to stay focused at first on growing and making its brand known within Asia and after that to go with the same plan, expansion its strategy worldwide.
The countries on which the main focus will be are all in Asia, countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

These selection of these countries was done on the grounds of the factors:

  • The size insurance policies market
  • The young business generation
  • The requirements for regulation and oversight
  • The rendering worth
  • How competitive is the business landscape

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