I put out a simple straw poll (ad hoc survey) asking people in Vegan and Vegetarian Facebook groups which supplements they used. The exact questions asked can be found here. A total of 146 responses were recorded, most of which were from people identifying as vegan. 5% of respondents indicate they do not reside in Canada, but their responses were included anyways. These results should not be considered scholarly or statistically significant. Here are the results!

Vitamin B12

Ensuring sufficient intake of Vitamin B12 is very important for long-term health. …

Disclosure: I am not a doctor or a dietitian. This blog post is intended only to point out what’s new in the Canada Food Guide, and should not be considered as advice for your personal diet.

The Government of Canada is currently running a national food guide consultation which is near completion. After reviewing ten years of evidence collected from 2006 to 2015, they recently released their new recommendations. So, what has changed? (For a short summary of changes, skip to the bottom.)

The previous version of Canada’s Food Guide is divided up into four different food groups, and each…

Dear Cat,

I read your recent open letter to the Vancouver Park Board about the recent decision to ban import and display of cetaceans in Vancouver’s parks. I applaud your passionate writing, but I’m afraid you haven’t been given the entire story. This response aims to fill in those gaps.

Helen, a Pacific white-sided dolphin. Vancouver Aquarium. Photo: Nic Waller.

First, let me address your evocative telling about the hypothetical stranding of a Pacific white-sided dolphin.

Imagine a white-sided dolphin, entangled in fishing gear in such a way that she hasn’t been able to eat in weeks. She is emaciated, she has infections from the wounds resulting from the fishing…

This is a response to Ken Chan’s opinion piece in Daily Hive about the Vancouver Park Board’s recent successful vote on a bylaw to ban the import and display of cetaceans in Stanley Park. This post is divided into sections addressing several of the comments that Ken Chan made in his op-ed.

“[The] independent report from Joseph Gaydos … supported the Vancouver Aquarium’s operations, arguing that its research and rescue programs depend on its cetaceans.”

Ken, since you brought up the independent report from Dr. Joseph K Gaydos, it’s probably worthwhile to mention the limitations of the report.

“Not included…

After a five month investigation, Vancouver Aquarium announced today that a toxin was the cause of death for two beluga whales, Aurora (age 29) and Qila (age 21). Aurora died Nov. 25, 2016, just 9 days after the passing of her daughter Qila. A toxin is any poisonous substance produced through natural processes.

Two beluga whales at Georgia Aquarium. Photo credit Brian Gratwicke. From Flickr.

For several months prior to their passing, both whales had been showing signs of boredom and stress. Rebecca Ledger, expert in animal behaviour, observed the whales and confirmed that they were behaving abnormally. …

This is a response letter to Lindsay Holmes’ recent op-ed in the Huffington Post entitled “Downside To Going Dairy-Free”.

In the first paragraph, Lindsay calls out people who are drinking almond or coconut milk instead of dairy milk, ostensibly to advise them about the risk of missing dairy in their diet. So what’s the calcium content in 100 grams of each kind of milk? Let’s see how they stack up. Dairy cows’ milk: 117 mg. Almond milk: 203 mg. Coconut milk: 188 mg. Yup, that’s right. Dairy milk contains the LEAST calcium out of these options.

Next, Lindsay links to…

Nic Waller


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