There is only one good teaching language, in my opinion. (There are others such as Scheme or Logo, but allow me to make my case.) It’s called Smalltalk. It’s a beautifully simple and elegant language.
Smalltalk and the Future of the Software Industry
Richard Kenneth Eng

I wonder if there’re more people out there who would like to learn to love programming (as in doing it for fun), but haven’t been able to? I started with C in CS101, and then Java :( and pretty much stopped. Now that I’m a dad, I want to introduce a love for computational thinking for my children… but I guess I also want to take a crack at it again for myself. What would be your recommendation for me if I want to try and learn smalltalk (and programming) properly? Let’s say I’ll do something for 2 hours everyday for the next 3 months, what should I do and how should I start?