7 Highly Effective Social Media Platforms to Advertise Your Ecommerce Business

With the many different marketing strategies available for your ecommerce business, only one stands to bring consistent sales from the start: social media advertising. In this post, we explore the best social media to advertise your business.

Social media targeting (or advertising) are ads shown to people using social media apps. Social platforms analyze an individual’s activity on a specific platform and then displays highly relevant, targeted ads to them. Social media marketing provides huge boosts in sales and conversions with a lower cost of acquisition.

What social media platforms are best for advertising? You’ve heard of Facebook and YouTube, but what are other potentially great options? Which platform should you use? Here’s a list of 7 best social media platforms to use for advertising for ecommerce business.

1. Facebook

Over 2 billion people regularly use Facebook, making it the most popular social media platform in the world. That is about one-third of the world’s entire population!

Facebook isn’t just used by individuals. Over 65 million companies use Facebook to manage their business pages. Six million of these companies use Facebook advertising to promote their businesses.


Since it’s the top social media platform in the world, businesses strongly trust it for social media marketing and to boost sales.

Thousands of items are advertised and sold on Facebook daily. From baby clothes to houses and cars, you can sell almost anything on Facebook, provided it doesn’t violate the terms of service.

2. YouTube

There are over 2 billion users worldwide that spend time watching a billion hours of video daily on YouTube, making it the second-largest social media platform.

Thousands of independent brands and creators use YouTube by uploading quality content and reaching millions of potential customers.

YouTube on Mobile

It’s the perfect platform for businesses looking to market their products by using video marketing. Some ideas to market products using video are:

· Product unboxing

· Reviews

· Comparisons

· Testing and benchmarking

YouTube is also considered as the second largest search engine right after Google; its parent company.

When you’re using YouTube, you need to maintain a content marketing mindset. Create content that draws potential buyers to your offers, products, and ecommerce site. The trick is to convince your viewers that your products are better than your competition.

Make ‘how to’ videos that solve your customers’ problem by including your product as the solution. That’s the best way to get started.

3. Instagram

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is strictly a multimedia platform. Instagram gained its popularity by introducing an amazing photo filter.

Today, Instagram features include Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and IGTV — for longer videos, designed to compete with YouTube.

Instagram on Smartphone

With over a billion users on Instagram, it’s an amazing opportunity for business owners and Instagram is the most effective platform when it comes to influencer marketing.

Creating and optimizing a business profile is the first step for brands and companies. You’ll get more features to use such as Instagram Shopping and Instagram Insights. Instagram also lets you schedule posts to make your page more productive.

4. Twitter

When it comes to microblogging, nothing beats Twitter.

Twitter’s key trait focuses on real-time entertainment and information. It’s a great place to stay updated with the latest news, trends, and interact with customers and brands. You can also monitor competitor posts to see which posts work best in your industry.

There are several methods to use Twitter for business, which makes it one of the best social media to advertise your ecommerce business.

Twitter for Business

Twitter gives you a great opportunity to grow your following and increase the number of your potential customers. You can market using advertising, customer relations, branding, and engagement. Twitter has an advanced search that’s perfect for market research.

Twitter also has dedicated tools for businesses like Twitter analytics.

5. Tumblr

Boasting over 437 million users, Tumblr is another platform associated with microblogging. Tumblr’s appeal is that you can share videos, audio clips, photos, GIFs, and text to your audience.


It has features that let you customize your blog design. Users can utilize a Tumbler blog as a website for marketing purposes.

Like the platforms mentioned above, Tumblr has content ranging on nearly every niche and topic. However, Tumblr isn’t for every business. The platform caters to audience members 35 and younger, so make sure your target audience does use Tumblr.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is a messaging and multimedia social platform.

Snapchat uses pictures and snippets to share multimedia throughout its platform. The Stories medium was created by Snapchat and eventually spread to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

Snapchat in Your Pocket

Many businesses use Snapchat’s ad service to promote their products or services. Reputable brands like Taco Bell, Birchbox, and Amazon have increased their sales and following through Snapchat.

Since it’s used by more than 287 million monthly active users, it makes a great place for social media marketing.

7. Reddit

Reddit calls itself “The Front Page of the Internet” and it’s a little unique when compared to other social media platforms.

There are “subreddits” on Reddit, which are particular forums dedicated to a certain topic. Users can submit content or questions to subreddits and get upvotes or downvotes from other users.


Reddit advertising can be challenging. It prioritizes contribution and community over self-promotion and individuality. A great first step is to learn the platform before you start marketing your business.

Managed ad services are the best option for businesses that are looking to start marketing campaigns to gain more sales. If you have the budget for social media marketing and want to see results right away, a social media ad campaign run by experts is the best option.

You can accurately measure your social media advertising, especially if you’re curious about how your ads are performing. If your ads aren’t working, you can locate the exact problem.

Social media marketing can give you consistent, quality, and scalable leads and buyers, so long as you position yourself as an authority. Most of the above platforms are considered the best social media to advertise your ecommerce business. New companies start all the time, and you never know when the next Facebook will come around.

What social media platform do you use for marketing or advertising? Tell me in the comments.



A writer with a passion for tech & AI, ecommerce, and marketing. Join me as I transition into my dream industries.

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Nida Sea

A writer with a passion for tech & AI, ecommerce, and marketing. Join me as I transition into my dream industries.