Solo travel — Attaining Peace

The aromatic essence of meditation elevates the mind to a higher self like the calm surrender to the rush of life, a pleasant appreciation of time and a remedy to the many whirlpool moments of life. 
It may be more comfortable to sit in one place and smell the moment where the idea is to be with your thoughts. It may also be less burdensome to relax with a group of friends and plan a getaway to escape from routine and come back recharged. But I have found travelling alone more meditative, fruitful, reflective and rewarding.

Let it go

Some people travel alone with a fixed plan in mind, locations to go, hotel bookings, even entry tickets to museums and parks. Some, choose a destination overnight and just go. 
It’s scary to let go of a schedule and walk on unknown territory. We are accustomed to a planned set of tasks and execute them in a controlled manner. The first step is to let it go. Loosen up and let the course unravel naturally and organically. Like meditating, do not bother about getting it right or be concerned about the outcome. Take one hour at a time and flow its natural course.

Focus on Now

A lot of inner conflict and anxiety comes from worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. A great way to cultivate peace within yourself is to focus on now. You find yourself with your thoughts overpowering you, drifting you from the moment, from the present. When you don’t battle your ideas, keep listening not react to them, even when sitting in an airport, waiting for a delayed flight, alone, can be bliss. Eventually, the thoughts will fade away and get you back to the present, and you can focus on the great journey ahead.

Perception of Self

There is liberation in stripping the mind away from all the opinions of yourself. In the process, you eventually discover more to life, more joy. With solo-travelling, you deprive yourself of anyone else choosing anything for you — the mode of transportation, the stay, what to eat and even which road to walk on. The walls of a borrowed idea of self fade away, and the mind listens to only to the true you.

Confidence and Self Love

While choices for self is liberating. At every single path, you do things that make you happy, free, and not subjected to another person’s judgment or intervention. The fact that you choose everything you like for yourself, including wake up time, with no one to seeking approval from helps in building confidence. It fills up with feelings of love for self, self-care and warms up your being.

Finding an Inner Voice

An effect of travelling miles away from home, despite social media, helps in detaching from surroundings, from people and situations. You can’t be on call or the internet all the time. It’s crazy to realise that you could find a friend within you. Sitting on a beach, watching a sunset, instead, you talk to others; suddenly you see yourself listening to your inner voice remarking on the beauty of nature. The inner voice lets you drift to everything that you want.

Make New Friends

When you are travelling alone, there is no method and or algorithm to figure who to meet. Travelling alone makes one talk to a fellow passenger, a traveller on a similar journey to share stories, gather inspiration or learn new things. You could meet new people while asking for directions or even while waiting in a queue. You tend to make new friends, add new goals and meet people who you otherwise, you would have never met.

In the fence of our day to day normality, we clutter our heads with the same kind of things, the same mould of people and the same habits. The newness helps in decluttering and shredding unimportant thoughts. So you can go back concentrating on the necessary.
The thrill in living in the moment, protecting, caring and living with just yourself, escaped from the noisy routine and known routes, rejuvenates the spirit — refreshing it as the smell of first rain. The petrichor of solo-travelling seamlessly helps in accomplishing tranquillity.