The Unimaginable

Chapter 1:

‘’Pull the trigger if you still have enough guts to,’’ he whispered into my ears. I could feel my spine shiver with his cold touch. I could feel my heart racing against his. I could feel his gaze on every part of me. And then with the slightest bit of movement, he slid the revolver from my sweaty hands and put it away from my reach. ‘’So,’’ he continued to twist my wrist and continued, it was like unimaginable torture, ‘’Have you learned your lesson yet?’’ he demanded the answer from me. He didn't move his eyes off mine and in that tormenting moment, I was still somehow mesmerized by his very presence. I looked down hurriedly, so that he couldn't see the confusion in my eyes while struggling out the answer. ‘’Yes, I have,’’ I trailed off with just that. Although there was some sort of bravery in my voice, still. I had enough of the shit he had been throwing at me for all these years. All these four bloody years…
He moved his hand up my forearm, my skin was very much alarmed and I was scared. I needed to shout and I knew I was going to collapse into a shock. It was all too much for me, but I’d seen worst. Then suddenly, he simply left the room. Slammed the door shut behind him and walked away. I stared in blank, I was awestruck. What just happened? I thought to myself. While I was trying to grip my emotions trying to escape everywhere but my mind, I stood up. Almost falling, I grabbed myself just in time and jerked off the shivers. It helped a little. Quietly, I walked towards the door and tried to eavesdrop. I heard nothing. Just nothing but dead silence… Quiet before storm? I thought…
I opened the door a little, peeked outside and there was nothing in the sight. I was so thirsty, my throat was dried and I felt as if I was gonna choke onto the dryness. I needed water. I took careful steps out the door and gulped in half the water bottle I had in my bag pack, which was hanging over the kitchen counter.
I couldn't comprehend with all the details. Where had he disappeared without saying anything? He didn't even beat the shit out of me. What had gotten into his head after all? While I was puzzled in the rising questions in my head, my cellphone vibration almost sent me into a shock. I hurried to answering it, I was so shaky. I pressed the little green light on my phone and placed the phone against my ear. “Hello?” I could feel my voice trembling. I knew it was him. I hoped it wasn't. “I’m sorry for torturing you for all these years, Fatima. I have had enough of it as well. It’s about time I let you go off this prison of mine,” I was carefully listening to his voice, both scared and tempted. There was a silent sob, was he crying? I couldn't imagine that. “ I can’t explain my sudden behavioral changes to you and I can’t, honestly I can’t explain what drives me to do what I’d been doing to you. I guess I loved you too much to let go of you earlier. I guess I love you even more now that I have been crazy enough to attempt to..kill you,’’ there was hesitation in his voice. I couldn't make sense of any of it. I needed to be shaken vigorously in order to bring me back to this bitter reality. “I just needed you to understand the kind of love I held for you, Fati… I just wished you could see it. Maybe I am a monster. Oh screw it, I am a monster! But a monster that loves you insanely. And you can’t imagine how…” he trailed off. “Would you please promise me to never look back? Promise you will never reach me or try to contact me, ever? I need to know. I can’t hurt you anymore than I have,” I was crying, after all. This is what he always did to me. Break me down into tears and unimaginable pain. I wanted to push him off a cliff and follow him just a minute after ‘cause I couldn't stand to live without him. What had he done to me?
“Fatima,” this time, he had his same old psychotic killer tone in his voice, “I need you to run, ‘cause I will hunt you down and I will be brutal.” and then the phone went dead. He had hung up on me. I stayed there, the phone was till in my hands and I was suddenly too scared to move even an inch. I was under a bombshell. My head was all dizzy and I fell numb against the cold ground. I remember nothing since.

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