The Unimaginable Pt 2

Chapter 2:

I still remember the exact moment I saw him. He has always been intimidating, but he was always good with the charm. It was winter and the breeze was somehow soothing. There was nothing oh-so-magical about the first sight. It was rather frightening, I didn’t know why. I couldn’t tell. When we got close as friends at first, it got hard for me and him, I supposed, to keep things from each other and I knew from then that this would turn into something, something beautiful. And it did. Sooner than I had expected.

I was sitting across him on the corridor of my department at college, there were less people around. Semester exams were near so we often sat down and studied together. Just like that he told me he loved me. I thought about It for a brief moment and blurted I loved him back. It was one of my life’s wonderful moments. But ah do I wish I would get the same Omar back. Soon, he turned into a very angry person. He wanted explanation for every minute thing I did. Sometimes, he even warned me he would hit me if I was ever caught lying. As if I had ever been a liar to him.

One day I had a phone call from his mother, who always adored me like her own daughter. She sounded too worried and it caught me off guard. “I don’t know Fatima, I just don’t know how to handle this situation with Omar’s father,” she kept her volume low as if someone was near her. “I tried to convince Jamal but he said he will take Omar with him because Jamal just can’t afford a huge loss from the deal offered.” I then realized why Omar was being so cranky. There had been some sort of business issue among his uncles and his father. But that still didn’t seem much of a shocker. The way Omar had been treating me lately was getting on my nerves. I planned on confronting him. But I also had to be calmed, realizing Omar’s recent problems at home.

We were sitting on the sofas at my place after college, so I decided that it would be perfect if I spoke to him about the situation on his mind. “So how are things at home, with uncle?” I was hesitant to be on point. He looked at me, puzzled, but then his gaze grew softer. It melted me a little. “Mum told you, didn’t she?” he sighed. “I’m sorry for not telling this to you myself Fatima, I didn’t know how to… The situation has been getting worse each day with baba trying to boss me around and telling me what to do. Mum suspects that baba has been dealing with some corrupted businessmen. She’s worried that baba might just lose it. Big time,” he grabbed my hand and caressed it. I squeezed his hand just a little and rested my head on his shoulder. I could feel his body tensed and I needed to be by his side. “Don’t worry about not telling me, Omar. I understand. Although I don’t know the entire story, but you know I’m with you,” I sat up straight to look at him. “But I don’t wanna lose you. Do you understand that?” He said this with anger in his eyes. “Mum has been pushing me to engage with Sarah, it’s just so weird!” He stood up abruptly and I froze in shock. Engagement? Didn’t his mom know about us? I felt my eyes welling up with tears but I immediately rubbed them. I waited for some details more to respond. “You didn’t know about this, did you?” he came close to me and sat down on the floor, his hands in mine and he was noticing the temperature of my body decreasing. I just nodded in agreement. He bent his down in my lap and I felt as if he was weeping. I wanted so badly to cry but I remained calmed.

A few days later, Omar told me that he had turned down the proposal and that he didn’t care what his father wants him to do. He assured me that he has absolutely no intention of leaving me ever. That made me come back to life and so I was happy again.

I was in my balcony one evening, my phone was vibrating. I hurried to pick it up. It was Omar. I smiled and picked up the call. “ He took excessive Xanax, he’s dying…” the phone went dead. I stood there, still and numb as a rock. Unable to think. It was his mother’s voice and she was sobbing. I redialed the number and waited. My heart felt as if it would come out of my chest. Nobody picked it up. I dialed his mother’s number. She picked up after few seconds that felt like forever. “What… what happened to him?” my voice was shaky as my whole body was. “Come see him Fatima, I don’t think he’s going to make it, please hurry,” her voice was too dry. I wanted to ask which hospital but I realized where they must be at. I rushed to the hospital near his home and almost fell on the ground. I couldn’t make sense of anything. I saw his parents outside ICU. I asked nothing from no one and quietly stood, watching him from the blinds. He had his eyes shut. It still felt as if he was calling me towards him.

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