The Bull That Chased Fearless Girl and #MeToo

Bear with me for just a moment. I spent some time coming up with the perfect title. It’s just that none of them displayed the severity of the situation well enough. But let's show what I would have run with:

I See What You Did There, #metoo
How the #metoo Movement Really Started, The Hips Don’t Lie
Girls Will Always Be Girls, How the Most Important Woman Was Left Out of the #metoo Movement
#metoo Can’t Be Accounted for After Leaving “Her” Out, I’m Disappointed

How could I possibly even begin? I’m more of a fandom guy. In this case, I’m working with fraudulence. I’m disappointed, but not upset. I‘m just excited for what actually moved the #metoo movement because it means there’s more to come.


Fun Fact alert: Kanye West cited #MeToo on his latest released album where he talks about slavery being a choice, Trump, and mental disorders. Perfect place for it. Just not in history.

Now, I love outrageous living. It’s so baroque and rococo. Most importantly, it’s flamboyant. But it has no place with tragedy.

Your likely wondering who this mysterious figure is if you haven’t known by now. No, it’s not a Pokemon battle, I can assure you that. This, ladies and gentleman, is Fearless Girl.

This is not just a statue. This is a statue in New York City. The financial capital of the world. In front of one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. It’s the power of art benefiting off of relations.

Make no mistake, there was an uproar when this statue was placed. There was so much energy given off from that statue, simply from those hands on a woman hips and confronting eye to eye. That’s not a girl. That’s a woman.

I get it, it’s a statue and it can’t move. It’s just that the #metoo movement started 7 months after the public placing of Fearless Girl. After all these years, the public voice did not just become a coincidence.

Placing the Fearless Girl Statue where it currently stands was already audacious enough. But to not appropriate respect for the inspiration of a thousand voices is uncalled for. I refuse to sit by and let a symbol which has no capable means of speaking for itself or making an appeal to civil society. In a world where truth and values matter for they are the proprietory of our heart, there is no place for such actions in history! Thomas Edison inspired Tesla and a writer like Neal Stephenson are inspiring technologist today, all while being properly accredited for! There is no place for such actions in history. But maybe, just maybe, it can be told in herstory. It’s never too late.


It was just remarkable to me of how unappreciated the statue was after to cause such an effect like #metoo. More importantly, this doesn’t concern me. There are greater matters at hand. We could possibly be on the forefront of the likes of a renaissance or an art movement!


It’s no secret that creators are in one of the best placement of times right now. With the way we’ve been accustomed to technology, creativity and originality stands out. Period. They automatically bring new perspectives to the observer. I can continue looking at baroque architecture because it puts me in such a moment of awe that I can’t find a way to relax myself. With all this disruption currently taking place, you shouldn’t relax. You should be active. We are on the verge of fully wielding a new medium. We call it technology because we already understand its maneuvers. It’s still the Internet and that’s where all the creators are going to be battling it out to be the reigning Picasso or Basquiat. This is our convergence.