YouTube Revamped its Logo With New Aesthetic Design and Better Look

We all live in pursuit of Change. And moreover, Change is all what we need sometimes. This is what exactly YouTube has done. YouTube, the largest video sharing website officially rolled out the revamped logo with significant changes in its Logo and Icon across the platforms. The new fresh logo will be accessible from Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017, to all the users of YouTube across mobile and desktop, as mentioned by Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer, YouTube in its official blog ‘A new YouTube look that works for you’.

How Does the new YouTube Logo Look?

The new YouTube Logo looks complete gallant, where a small dignified “Play” icon in the left looks like escorting its video streaming services to a higher level. Besides, the YouTube typeface continues to preserve its esteem just like a queen. Considering the same old YouTube logo for 12 long years, It can be said that YouTube has evolved more clean structure with its new logo.

The updated logo enforces the use of Wordmark logo design and Icon in imparting a better version of logo. While implementing the changes in its Logo, there are 2 major things the designers at YouTube has taken care of. First is its new aesthetic design and look and Second is Bringing better desktop and app version.

1. New aesthetic design and look

The Google owned video site announced the change in its logo on Tuesday with major transformation in its new logo by shifting the “Tube” under the a red colored television like 3D square to a “Play” button in the left taking ahead the video service to more than tube. The “Play” icon with a pure red color appears just like a red cheery on top of an ice-cream. This iconic look has however added a new sleek design to the logo overall.

While talking about the text ‘YouTube’, it has got a clean and bold look with strong typeface. It accompanies the icon very nicely giving a sleek design look. “When room is limited you can use the brightened up Icon as an abbreviated Logo, which will be seen more easily and read more clearly.”, the Chief Product Officer, YouTube added in his blog.

2. Bringing better desktop and app version

Looking beyond video streaming services, YouTube have come up with fresh new look by re-designing desktop and app UI for its users. Their mission is to create more flexible design that works better across variety of devices. In the desktop version, they have emphasized on clean and simple layout that allows content and creators to shine. It also applies dark theme that let’s user visualize true colors of the videos they watch.

The mobile app version has also upgraded bunch of new features such as clean white header, easy swipe between videos, video speed control, vertical video support, easy video browsing support and many more.


Re-designing the Logo, YouTube has acknowledged a gentle reminder to its competitor that it continues the legacy with №1 video streaming services in the Music and Entertainment Industry globally. It has re-created its Brand value giving Brand goals to the B2B, B2C and C2C service providers over the Internet worldwide. Let’s hope, users welcome this small change from YouTube and enjoy its services just like YouTube enjoyed re-designing its Logo and services.

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