White Golden

Source: David McBee

Watching through window
white clouds fur
having shadow on
the grey greenish
waters, which is touching
the landscape.

Golden shine is everywhere
Golden white fur
Golden sea,
Golden gold
Golden land
Golden too much golden

My eyes need sun-glasses
to see this golden,
strong and dazzling light of sun.

Blue azure, a perfect
scenic beauty portray
on the poster.

Poster with blue-ness
on the top,
in between white shaded sky.

White & blue is blended
till the golden, white grey horizon.

Puffy cloudy bed
at some distance
making me feel
to jump over it.

Remember my childhood days
playing, scrolling, jumping,
crawling, falling over it.

Smoky sensation voluptuous
thoughts at 33,000 ft.
making me laugh.

Grey smoky transy
fur in long length,
looking like witches
flying & going somewhere
over the golden white clouds.

Fantasy dream world
is attracting me a lot.
Want to fly,
Want to blend,
Want to capture white fur
clouds in my hands.

In few time, I
lost in white,
more white,
foggy, crazy thoughts in this
picturesque beauty.

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