Just a poem

Image by Taylor Rooney, at Unsplash

Even the prettiest faces,
can hide the darkest souls
Then what’s wrong in holding on
to what once I deared the most.

What’s easy for you to throw away
can not be the same for me.
Why can’t you understand,
it’s not even a possibility.

I can cry and kill…




Image on Unsplash by Samantha Gades

Whenever I looked up at the sky,

there was a ray of hope,

A will to do the great,

and set feet on the top.

Whenever I looked at the time,

there was always a run,

Something to catch and keep,

and something to remember for fun.

Whenever I looked at the stars,

I saw a million reasons to live,

To have faith in self and all,

and a million dreams to achieve.

Whenever I looked at the world,

no one seemed to care,

But there were a few far friends,

that encouraged me to dare.

Whenever I looked at myself,

I felt an urge to escape,

Escape my own skin may be,

or just the reality of a fake.