Following your dreams 101

A Short Motivation Story

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No this isn’t a guide to following dreams but it sure is a boost to do so.

Have you ever had a dream?

Oh, yes Of course! you have.

Have you ever wanted that dream to come true?

Well, maybe. There’s a possibility, right?

I would say, yes why not!

And then I ask, what would you do to make it come true?

Umm, I don’t know, maybe no one does.

What then?

let me tell you how it happens…….

” “

I’m used to doing what people expect or tell me to do. I have been brought up like that, always listening to my parents, always doing what people think is right for me.

Always the good kid, at least in front of my parents.

But when I’m all alone, I’m someone that they can never believe me to be. I’m an artist.

I believe I can do wonders with my imagination, and I feel it coming alive when I put all of that on paper.

Alas! I have to keep it hidden in my closet.

I don’t want anyone to find out because maybe it’s lame, anyone can draw and imagine stuff right?

Maybe I’m just overthinking and I’m all good where I’m right now.

Still, thinking of a possibility where I can be, what I want to seem so satisfying, that I always get engrossed in it.

I smiled to myself as I wrote all that in my diary, it always feels like I pour my heart down in it, and then I have to close it and put it aside, which hurts the most.

What can I do about it though, I’m just a small-town person.

Only if I was Harry Potter, then I could be a small-town person plus a wizard, but I’m not, so I just have to put it aside.

I kept my diary on the bed, beside my pillow. Yes, I keep my diary with me even in sleep. And then paced towards the blank canvas.

It was kind of a hobby of mine, to draw before I fall asleep and today I was feeling very overwhelmed with all the stuff going in my mind and the heart.

With every stroke that I put on, a whole new world seemed to be revealing itself to me.

I was so engaged with the painting that I didn’t even realize how drowsy I was feeling,

But the picture wasn’t complete so how can I go to sleep?

I tried to draw as much as I could but I was rather tired today, so I leap onto the bed.

Deep in sleep I heard some voices, they were getting louder and louder and I was trying to understand what they were saying but I couldn’t.

And with a sudden stroke of light, I was woken up, my head was dizzy, my bed felt softer and I just wanted to sleep for a few more seconds so I dropped on the side and closed my eyes, getting a look at my painting.

My painting, which was complete and beautiful. I jumped awake on realizing it.

I ran towards it and tried to remember if I completed it last night or not.

That’s when mom knocked and came in, looking at my work she said it was fascinating and I should show it to everyone.

This was very unlikely because she never says anything about my drawings, she just comes in, wakes me up, and tells me to come down for breakfast.

What was it, that was different today? Guess I’ll have to figure it out during breakfast.

I got dressed and went downstairs, to my surprise dad was cooking,

Which he likes to do but very rarely does.

I’ve always been curious about it but I never asked why.

My mom and sibling were already eating. I seated myself, dad merrily handed me a plate full of snacks he made and sat beside me.

We all ate and talked. Talking wasn’t usually allowed during eating but yes today we were talking.

And everyone was saying what they were feeling at the moment. It was surprising, yet a little scary, what was happening around me?

Dad nudged me out of my thoughts and asked me to show him my drawings.

I watched him with my mouth wide open because he never asked anything like that before.

Everyone followed me to my room after breakfast, which was again unusual and I showed them my work.

To my surprise, they were actually praising me, instead of telling me to do other stuff that can be useful for my life.

I thanked them as they all left after a few minutes and stood there holding the door wondering what just happened.

Sitting beside the canvas, I looked out of the window and felt happier than ever.

I was having this peculiar desire to scream out to the world that I had it in me.

That I was an artist.

I kept smiling the whole time, the weather seemed so pleasant today. Or maybe it was because I was happy.

And then I realized, I had never painted outside and it was the perfect time to do so.

Everything seemed to be in my favor today and so I grabbed my things and took off.

As I was painting on the lawn, every passing by the person was appreciating and commenting about it, which sounded great.

I was feeling ecstatic from all the recognition and wanted to do that every day. I never felt like that in my whole life. It was good.

My sibling and the friend came from their sport and stopped for a few minutes analyzing or maybe trying to understand what I drew.

Probably they were going to make fun of it as they do more often, but no this time they appreciated it.

They actually told me that I was doing good and I should continue doing it.

I was now confused, why was everyone around me so kind?

It was never like this, something was very wrong with the place I was in because reality can never be so good, at least not for me that’s what I’ve learned from all these years.

I went inside to check on my family and they all seemed just fine as usual doing their work, but I don’t know why I was getting a weird feeling about everything.

So I went outside to see if anything peculiar was going on. I roamed all the streets where I usually go and to the ones which I avoid, but nothing was unfamiliar.

Maybe I was overreacting now, I mean, it isn’t so hard to accept that good thing can happen to me right?

Yes, good things are happening to me, it’s not the end of the world, I was worried for no reason.

All the way home I wondered, about everyone and everything. And I wanted it to stay this way forever.

I got home, went to my mom, and sat beside her, I always liked talking to her and so I did.

So, I told her about the weird feeling I was getting and she asked me why.

I didn’t know the answer,

Then she asked me why was I feeling happy.

I had the answer now, it was because of the appreciation I got for my work

And I really liked doing it and she told me to keep doing it.

She actually told me to keep doing it. I kept looking at her and she kept smiling.

I tried to speak to her again but I couldn’t open my mouth now. I tried and tried but can’t move my lips even a bit.

She then said, “wake up now.” I looked at her with wide eyes.

“Wake up,” she said again and moved away from me, suddenly not in sight.

Everything around me felt spinning, so I closed my eyes and I started to shake.

Mom’s voice now felt even stronger and sharper and I jerked my eyes open.

I was in my room, Mom was standing beside me and told me to freshen up. I looked at my painting which was incomplete.

It was a dream, the whole thing, the different world was a dream.

I felt so stupid, but no! I’m not stupid.

It was everything that I ever wanted, then why shouldn’t I admit it.

So I got up, took bath, cleared my head, and looked at the painting again.

But this time I didn’t want to keep it in my closet, so I left it there to come back later and complete it.

I’m glad I had such a dream because I’m now more sure than ever about the things I want to do in my life. Starting with following my dreams.

” “


  • You have to know what you really want to do.
  • You have to show everyone what you’re capable of.
  • You have to believe in yourself.
  • Never Ever doubt yourself, no matter what people say.
  • It might be hard at first but it will all be worth in the end.

QUOTE: “Reach out to the universe, and the universe will help fulfill your deepest desires.”

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