En rendez-vous avec Life !!!

Everybody’s life goes through hell once in a lifetime for sure. Isn’t it? Does not matter how organized and perfect our lives look but there is always a story behind. Pain, tears, distress, agony ,depression, pessimism are part of everybody’s lives, on one point or another. If we are living, we are struggling hard somewhere. The biggest truth about life is the moment we think we have understood it, it makes us realize , we can never understand it. Surprises, shocks ,situations and all of them unexpected but that is why it is called life . Once we are 25, we actually start believing in destiny because by this time ,we get to understand that there are certain things in this world which are beyond our comprehension and control. But this realization is also the reason behind most of the mistakes we make thereafter. We do not have the power to correct things, to bring back something which we wanted like hell. We just can’t overpower the happenings. In most of the situations like this, we revolt but the ways to revolt against this absurdity actually decide the rest of our lives. For death, we don’t know, still cannot decide whether to accept the philosophy of “Geeta” or not but for life the best thing to conclude is that if we are still living, if we are still having the opportunity to breathe, we have to try ! We have to try irrespective of how hard and difficult life is. We have to try to make it better irrespective of how bad it is because that is why we are still not dead. Our generation is struggling in the midst of love, lust, relationship and marriage. Falling in love, very easy. Falling out of it even easier ! Lust comes as one of the important elements of love but exists even after the Love ends. Relationship, comes as a commitment to marriage and evidence for love but cannot actually ensure anything in love or marriage. People who have successfully crossed these stages of love and relationship and are married and are still in love with their partners are special because it is something which requires a lot of efforts, loyalty, patience and a continuous trait of honesty. Whatever it is, love, career or anything else. It is not going to affect our being in this world. Life is to live with happiness and to discover the happiness in the challenges which life puts. If you are still not dead, it means you have the happiness stored for you but you have to continue living for that in a dignified way, in a satisfied way and in a right way.

The most stupid mistake we make is that we start finding replacements for a particular person, relationship or a certain thing as soon we get into trouble. We forget that it is only time which replaces things not us. In relationships ,we often commit the same mistake of replacing the person which is quite impossible. We start thinking , life is absurd and since it is absurd , we should also behave absurd but that is where we make our life absurd. There is a period where life goes through this absurdity and we have to get through this absurdity in order to discover the real happiness. We will always find people who seems like a miracle in life but are actually to test our understanding of the absurdity which we went through. We learn life’s lesson. We understand how to deal with it and then we have to deal with it in practical. We must save ourselves from situations which look like to be the remedy/compensation of the absurdity which we had to face but are actually more absurd. I have seen people who tries to find peace and love in anybody and everybody after a failed relationship and that is quite natural. We all want to be loved . We all want to be loved by that one person whom we love. We all need care, attention and respect. But in this criticality, we often devalue ourselves. If we don’t get what we deserve, it is still okay but if we try to get what is less than what we actually deserve, it is suicide. In terms of earning a livelihood, this concept can be applicable “something is better than nothing” but if it is about a choice which it is not a necessity , to compromise is foolish. It is difficult to say NO to desires but once we overcome desires, we earn respect for ourselves and that brings the happiness which even Time can’t replace. We all commit mistakes. We all fall victims to the situations we never expected. We all cry. We all try to end up our lives at least once in a lifetime . We all have a story which is not a perfect one but that is absolutely fine. The best thing is we are still not dead and so we can still try. It is okay to make a mistake, cool to repeat it, natural to repeat is twice, thrice and for hundred times but if we are able to stop ourselves for the 101st time and then not to do it ever again ,we will find happiness. Everybody will get the happiness which he/she deserves. The only difference is if we are ready to learn our lesson immediately, we will get it sooner . We all go through the hell once in a lifetime but one who gets through it becomes the happy one. We only need to understand; If we are confused, let it go. If we believe in something , we should stick to it irrespective of the absurdity it shows. If You doubt , Don’t ! Life is not given, Life means we have to make it worth living, by our efforts.

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