Yes..today is that day..Well..a youth television show came on-air in 2006 & exactly 10 years have gone by since the first time LEFT RIGHT LEFT became a part and parcel of our lives.The show started with a crowd pleasing response..

Set up in a military academy,KMA with story revolving around six cadets and the challenges faced by them..during the training. Their outstanding chemistry with their friend,mentor & guide..Capt.Rajveer Singh Shekhawat was the USP of the show..It kept the audiences glued to the show with flooding TRPs.

To this day, the show holds an impeccable mark on minds & hearts of people..the story, the cast, the title track..everything about the show was so perfect.

This hit-army series created milestones in the history of Indian Television with a unique concept and storyline which was created by SAB TV Team, DJs Creative Unit & Vinay Chaudhary.

The directors Tony Singh & Deeya Singh knew the art of presenting the scenes in a way that they became eternal. Also, the selection of the cast was a splendid job.

Now the cast..

  • Rajeev Khandelwal as Capt.Rajveer Singh Shekhawat.. The most popular and lovable mentor-who believed in his cadets and shared an untaming bond with them..a focused and determined army officer who gave us the friendship goals.
  • Cadets-Unity Is Strength…Confused cadets who came with their own selfish motives..under the training and with passage of time became very good friends and determined soldiers..

Priyanka Bassi as Cadet Naina- a headstrong girl

Ghazal Rai as Cadet Pooja- Punjabi GSM network

Vikas Manaktala as Cadet Huda- Romeo but a determined cadet

Harshad Chopra as Cadet Ali-Man of Principles

Kunal Karan Kapoor as Cadet Yudi- Tech Savvy DUDE

Arjun Bijlani as Cadet Aalekh- A Candid Man

  • Yarn Spinner Samir Sharma as Capt.Naveen Singh Ahluwalia; the man who tied the open ends;the man who was physically absent but present all the time.
  • The phantomath of the show, Capt.Dr.Shalini Singhal played by Aparna Tilak was a hard-working doctor..a soft-spoken, understanding personality & more precisely a relationship counsellor.
  • The glamour quotient of the show..Dr.Ritu Mishra played by Shweta Salve ensured her presence with her dazzling looks and who was later discovered to be a spy.
  • Gaurav Chopra as The uncrowned prince of Bahmer Capt.Abhimanyu Rai Chauhan who had an altogether different philosophy about violence & loved music.
  • Antagonists can only be successful only if the audiences show ill-will towards them..That’s what, Rajesh Khera a.k.a. Major Bhargav; Deepraj Rana a.k.a. Major Prabhat Nair & Rajesh Khattar a.k.a. Lala Gehlot did..The protagonists magnetically grab the attention of viewers.The challenging task of making the audiences abhor the character with their lively acting is what the antagonist do.
  • The Head of Kanchanjunga Military Academy(KMA)- Puneet Issar as Brigadier Chandok(popularly known by the acronym of his name) was a disclipined man who believed in making cadets into brave and selfless soldiers.

Season 2 of the show was also a hit with new story, new missions and extended cast.

The show also made its mark because of the incalculably popular and apreciated title track hitherto. By the famous duo- Vishal Shekhar.

The journey of making this show a big hit of all times was a combined effort of the whole team of LRL..all the hard work, determination, constant efforts of the team of bringing up something new and unique so as to hold an untaming place in Indian Television history..A big salute to all the people who have remained a major or even a minor part of the show..

Yes..You people did a commendable work..and the people’s love for the show even after a decade says it all..Keep Rocking & all the best..

By- Nidhi Arya