Mohit Hema Jain

Hello Mohit, it’s a wonderful article you mentioned almost all the important points one must follow to generate traffic on blogs. Content is the silver bullet but you would also need to keep your audience updated. This can be done by sending news letters or push notifications. I would say push notifications because not everyone is same so are their choices. So, knowing what your reader likes the most and sending him relevant messages would help you to keep him visiting your website and it can be achieved using segmentation. More than getting new visitors/users it is also important to keep the older one. So, it is important to send relevant messages to keep your audience engaged.

Also push notifications has higher click rate than emails and we recently made a funnel and here’s the link to it-

Many of the content website make use of push notifications to keep their users updated to get better traffic. ShoutMeLoud is also one of our esteemed clients who notices the difference after using push notifications. Here’s what they say-

So we can sum up by saying good content, SEO, and distribution helps a lot to generate traffic

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