The Power of Thank-You

Thank You — These are just two words. But, more powerful than anything else on this planet.

Lately, I had developed this attitude where I used to constantly complain.

My day used, to begin with, “I don’t have this” and used to end with “I am unlucky, I will never have anything.”

Unknowingly, I was getting pulled into a negative vortex because of ‘complaining all the time’. I developed a grimmer and cynical outlook towards life. But, then one day something happened, which changed my mindset!

Till now, I had just read and heard about benefits of practicing gratitude,never experienced it, unless….

I Thanked Someone…!!!

A Recent Incident Showed me How Powerful Thank-You can be!

There is a girl in my team. Somehow, we shared quite cold vibes.Working together was quite a difficult thing. And as if this was not enough, she was supposed to help me learn about WordPress. Because I had a sort of negative attitude towards her, there were these small frictions and frustrations. It made our interaction even more strenuous.
However, things took a (positive) turn, when during recent Diwali celebrations, we had a team activity. As part of this activity, we all participated in an interesting interactive Thanks-Giving session.
Each one of us thanked another team member who, at some point in time helped us to grow, either personally or professionally.
I don’t know what prompted me, but thanked that girl (with whom I was quite uncomfortable) for helping me learn about WordPress. It was very genuine, and right from my heart.
What happened after that was an eye-opener for me.

Though we didn’t become best of friends. But yes, I could feel that there are no more cold vibes, now. My perception towards her and her perception towards me changed. Now, there is warmth, friendliness and a positive vibe in our interactions.

I never knew that a simple Thank-You would have such immense power!

So, now I have made this a habit: When I wake up in the morning, I say Thank-You for:

Being Alive: What if I sleep and don’t wake up at all. Anything can happen, right? So, I wake up to a new day with a gratitude. In fact, I have started cherishing every single moment, and being thankful for a wonderful life. Not all have that privilege. If I have it, I should appreciate it by saying Thank-You.

Being Healthy: A healthy body is the greatest gift. Be Thankful for it. I had this habit of cribbing about my weight (I am on a chubbier side). I never used to feel beautiful. But, since I begun this ‘thanking’ exercise I realized how lucky I am to enjoy a good health. Barring usual seasonal flu, I hardly fall sick. Isn’t that a great thing? Yes! And so, I am Thankful.

Being in a Good Financial Position: I have known few people, who have bad financial conditions. They think twice to buy their favorite things. Each penny is worth thousands for them. And here I am with a decent salary, who never thinks twice while buying my favorite stuff. I have enough to buy myself some food, clothes, and all other necessary things. It was only after developing this ‘attitude of gratitude’ that I started seeing it and appreciating it.

Having wonderful friends and family: What are you without friends and family? Those are lucky people who have wonderful and super supportive parents, siblings and friends. I feel safe and loved when I know there are people who are watching my back.

It is true that a moment of gratitude changes your attitude. And I am saying this because I experienced it:

Now, there is a Sense of Abundance. I no longer see myself as ‘unlucky’. On contrary, my changed perceptive towards life is helping me explore my strengths, work on it and become a better person.

I have started looking at the greener pastures! Rather than blaming my stars or my circumstances, I now look out for ways to deal with the problem. The constant feeling of being a victim is now gradually fading away.

Life has become more beautiful, now!

It is true that attitude of gratitude opens up door to a positive, abundant life.