Rate your education level when at Public Place

Cloudy , Pleasant Saturday morning. Who wants to work on weekends? Those whose bosses feel that working on Saturdays make them earn more and the salary expenditure on the employees will be justified.

Yes , I was driving to my office on a wonderful Saturday morning . Not much irritated as I like my work and Morning Gym session keeps me feel happy & energetic. Roads were empty and the Asphalt was shining under the pleasant sunshine. On my way a big Sedan Luxury car was following me . The driver was so much in hurry that kept on giving me blinkers to give him side in that empty road . Suddenly he pushes the accelerator and slips ahead of me in a second and was horrendously blaring horn on me in anger as for him I was driving slow . Mind him ! I was following the rules of traffic and was maintaining my speed as per laws .More to this he throws empty water bottle out of his window which got hit to my windshield and then caught a comfortable position on the wipers . I was so furious. I suddenly lost my sight and out of shock I just could not control my steering. The situation was normalized as the road was still empty.

Thereafter after few minutes driving alone on my way , the super car driver was way ahead of me and I lost his view, I found a truck of soldiers taking a martyr’s body . I immediately slower down my car and felt so patriotic and sad about a loss to the country and a family. I moved my head on side feeling emotional , that I see a middle aged man was standing with his bicycle.He looked like a mason going for some construction work in the morning. The most special thing about him that caught my attention was that he was standing to salute the martyr’s body going and giving tribute.

Suddenly I started thinking about the faces and complexities of the world. The rich guy who thinks he is skillful , wealthy and literate , does not know traffic rules and does not respect fellow drivers.

The Poor , illiterate or may be less educated and hard working guy gives a salute to the soldier and respects his contribution to the country and to his people.

Who is educated ,I doubt !!

That’s what I learnt in my 30 minutes drive to work in a small CAR

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