We hear stories hailing importance of better user interface and user experience in improving user base. What makes better is when the tool speaks the language of people who are intended to use it. Worst example can be seen in Law of any country that makes very less sense to people living there. When the people are faced with charges from law, next choice is to find a lawyer to know what laws protect their rights and what not. Truth is majority of them did not have access to the system through a lawyers have to be paid well and high defend their rights. This happends to technology too. …

TensorFlow is a library which can be applied to all the machine learning algorithms especially deep learning with neural network. Machine learning is simply those programs which are written to deal with large data-sets to find patterns in them and extract information. It actually learn from data to make accurate or somewhere near predictions and correct itself for the better. Just like we wanted someone to do. Image recognition, and its enhancement or even identifying it is some applications of ML.

I felt happy to see welcoming changes since I wrote my first story on TF. This story focuses on some fundamentals to understand a TensorFlow program. …

This story is a continuation of TensorFlow : No idea where to begin? .

Every TensorFlow program involves building the graph and executing it. To build the graph, we start of with writing a python program in Terminal within TensorFlow virtual environment. To activate the environment, run this command in terminal

source ~/tensorflow/bin/activate 

We will start to learn TensorFlow and TensorBoard skills by writing simple math commands in TensorFlow. Use a python editor to write the program. The program is explained to you using the comments.

#we start off by TensorFlow libraries as tfimport tensorflow as tf
declare 4 constants a,b,c, and d which we will use as the input to our computation graph.
constants in tensorflow are immutable, so once you assigned a particular value to it, you cannot change it within the course of the program…

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