Exploring the Treasure Trove of Vrindavan

Being a widely-visited spot for pilgrimage in India for the Hindus, Vrindavan stands on the banks of the river Yamuna in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This holy town is steeped in rich and ancient history associated with one of the famous Hindu Gods, Lord Krishna. This is regarded as the place of His childhood and period of adolescence when He hid around and played in the forests. There are plenty of folklore and popular myths revolving around the ancient town of Vrindavan as well.

1> The International Krishna Devotees’ Association ISKCON finds a prominent site for itself in Vrindavan.

2>This town stands right next to Mathura, a twin holy city that is associated largely with the kingdom of Lord Krishna.

3>There are many famous temples peppered around Vrindavan in dedication to the Hindu God.

4> Vrindavan gets the maximum number of its tourists during the Brahmotsava Festival, which is celebrated over a period of ten days after Holi during the months of February-March.
5>Ratha ka Mela is the main day of the festival when a giant wooden chariot is pulled out from the Rangji temple to the gardens and back with the devotees doing all the hard work.

6>Regarded as a sacred place, the town of Vrindavan is visited by a large number of people who seek to have a permanent redemption of their worldly life. It is mostly the seniors who seek to turn themselves into hermits in this holy place.

7>There are also numerous Vidhwa Ashrams or home for destitute widows around Vrindavan where the widows spend their lives in total seclusion and perform various severe austerities.

As a famous tourist destination both for historical as well as religious reasons, it comes as little surprise to note that Vrindavan is home to a large number of hotels to cater to people from all throws of society. Hence, you will find luxury hotels and budget hotels jostling for space on the same street. However, one of the standout hotels at Vrindavan is the Nidhivan Sarovar Portico where you can enjoy the very best accommodation in town.

With a fine blend of everything modern and comfortable, the hotel has 68 elegant rooms, a health center, and multiple conferencing and banquet facilities. There are many hotels in Vrindavan near Iskcon temple, but the close proximity and amenities make this one special among others. So if you are looking to unwind, enjoy, and relax over the weekend in Vrindavan, this is the best and most comfortable retreat that you can choose for your stay.

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