How you can smoothly dodge a charity advertiser

By asking the right question

We’ve all met them. They would stop you on your way, wearing the logo of their charity to tell you what they do and why they do it.

They might feel like salespeople, but they’re not. They’re mainly supporting a cause, usually a good one. It could be about saving whales, people, squirrels or anything in between.

And, after talking to them for less than 5 minutes, you might start feeling pressured to accept their membership. Especially if they support a cause that’s important to you.

Now, I am not against that at all. Only, just last week in Sweden I’ve been approached by more than 5 different charities.

Here’s the catch: I have no idea whether they are actually impacting the cause they support. On the other hand, I would feel bad telling them that I am not interested at all. But, from the likes of Cal Fussman, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss I learned that asking the right question can solve almost anything. So here’s the question that I started asking charity advertisers to smoothly escape the awkwardness of saying no, the question goes like this:

What is the most important investment you did, last year, that had the largest impact on *…insert their cause here…*?

Believe me, they’re the ones who start trying to dodge you after this…


Why does this work?

Most members, even the very active ones, do not have a very clear understanding of how things work actually work or how the money was invested.

Most often than not, people will follow a charity for the cause they’re supporting and just volunteer when there’s something they can help with.

Of course, if the advertiser is not well informed or does not know what the charity is doing exactly, that does not necessarily mean that the charity is doing a bad job. But it does help you sneak away, quite smoothly. Even the advertiser will most likely better have you leave than keep tackling your annoying questions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Is it bad to sneak away from a charity?

Absolutely not! It’s very simply about saying “No” to most things until you find something you would say “HELL YEAH!” to.

What if they actually have a clear answer?

Convincing enough? If yes, then maybe you’ve just found a good charity to join :D