A 5-step process that you can copy for your next blog post

Blog post cover illustration showing people talking to Google
Blog post cover illustration showing people talking to Google
Illustration made by Nidhriti Bhowmik, used Canva licensed assets

If you asked me five years ago whether I saw myself writing blog posts that people would actually read, let alone get them to rank number one on Google, I would have said no way!

My writing skills were average at best and I didn’t have the money to take the awesome online courses that would teach me how to be better.

To beat all of that, I live in India where content farms and freelancers were dishing out 1,000-word blog posts for $13–15. Didn’t seem lucrative at all.

This was until I started my actual career as a growth…

And how we can apply these lessons to our own ventures

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Canva licensed images, edited by Nidhriti Bhowmik

I know, I know…right now is probably the worst time to bring up captivating travel destinations, but stay with me. I promise it’ll all make sense.

Last year, I happened to visit some of the most epic places there are to see in none other than the Land of Smiles, Thailand. In one of those places, namely Koh Pagnan, I stumbled my way into Vivian’s smoothie heaven — and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

I kid you not when I say this: whenever I take on a new SAAS client, I don’t think of all the strategies I’ve learned from…

Diving into how to make the most of conversation automation, and AI assistants

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Source. Illustration by the amazing Eran Mendel.

We’ve heard this debate before: Artificial Intelligence is taking over (dare you to ignore the ominous tone)!

AI is getting better, smarter, faster and more accurate at automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks. And not just tasks that need extremely high processing powers like data scraping and analysis, intelligence gathering, identifying patterns, etc but tasks that humans have predominantly owned for decades.

Staunch AI believers have their arguments- it’s not about writing code to serve specific tasks anymore. AI is learning, and AI is learning fast.

Ultimate checklist to critically evaluate an ICO

Article last updated in Oct, 2019.

The ICO storm has only begun. Today, Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are a technique many early-stage (typically blockchain-based) platforms are using to raise crowd-sourced funds.

How? Typically, the platform/project in question puts their underlying cryptotokens up for sale in exchange for existing cryptos or fiat currency.

Who buys? Anyone can. You, me, your friends, your pen pal across the globe, ANYONE! As opposed to IPOs where companies give out shares/stakes to angels and VCs, ICOs are open to the general public.

While projects/platforms sell a percentage of their tokens to raise money, everyone…

11 burning beginner questions answered on HelpTap

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Since you’re reading this I assume you’re the kind of person who wants to understand one of the most exciting technologies out there: the blockchain.

Now unless you haven’t been on the internet for the last seven years, I’m sure it’s been really difficult (close to impossible) to ignore the craze, speculation and confusion surrounding the blockchain space, most popularly the various cryptocurrencies it powers.

However, what really saddens me is that although most of us have heard about this booming space, few of us really understand how decentralised networks work leave alone the gravity, potential and possible implications not…

Chatbots vs. Live Chat Services

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When was the last time you spoke to a live agent who was actually live, responded instantly, and did not ask for your email identity to get back to you shortly? You know what I’m talking about. It’s frustrating, but who’s to blame — the humans on the other side? Not so fast.

Truth o’clock — managing online chat support on a business website is way easier said than done.

Setting up and monitoring engagement on landing pages, resolving audience queries, answering FAQs, assisting with support and much more is a powerful way for businesses to build relations with existing…

How Chatbots are Saving Time, Reducing Effort and Making Money

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Do you often rely on Google Home to send those pending messages for you? Or does Siri decide your dinner and dessert after?

Today, it’s no secret that individuals and thought leaders around the world are turning to blogging and influencing to make money online. Whether you’re a modest online store or an active evangelist, you want to take full advantage of available tools in order to save time and reduce effort. After all, that’s probably why you invested in countless content creation, promotion and audience engagement strategies and time-saving tools in the first place.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to…

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