A 5-step process that you can copy for your next blog post

If you asked me five years ago whether I saw myself writing blog posts that people would actually read, let alone get them to rank number one on Google, I would have said no way!

My writing skills were average at best and I didn’t have the money to take…

And how we can apply these lessons to our own ventures

I know, I know…right now is probably the worst time to bring up captivating travel destinations, but stay with me. I promise it’ll all make sense.

Last year, I happened to visit some of the most epic places there are to see in none other than the Land of Smiles…

Ultimate checklist to critically evaluate an ICO

Article last updated in Oct, 2019.

The ICO storm has only begun. Today, Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are a technique many early-stage (typically blockchain-based) platforms are using to raise crowd-sourced funds.

How? Typically, the platform/project in question puts their underlying cryptotokens up for sale in exchange for existing cryptos…

Nidhriti Bhowmik

Infometric Design@Sprinklr | Classic Rock Sponge | Helping B2B facing SAAS companies own the internet

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