Why to choose right Forklift tyre?

Right Forklift Tyre For You

The forklift truck is an essential part of any warehouse. Reducing the lifetime cost of such equipment, which extends into many tens of thousand of Rupees, is the holy grail of most warehouse and Maintenance Managers.

Solid industrial Tyres are often overlooked in this quest. But tyres can affect the stability, comfort and fuel efficiency of an industrial truck.” Getting the most from the tyres on the vehicle starts long before the tyres is fitted”. Once fitted, the tyres then have to be managed effectively- which is much more than just a tyre pressure check. The Tyre management is a truly ‘cradle to grave’ service — from when the tyre is fitted to its final disposal. Every movement of the tyre, to and from a vehicle, is to be monitored at all times for awareness on the life and performance of fleet tyres.

The objective is simple — to maximize tyre performance and minimize vehicle downtime, which is more expensive than good tyre management.

Depending on the intensity of the application, Solid industrial Tyres may need to be replaced several times during the course of a year. Overall, tyres could cost as much as the truck itself over a typical five — Seven year lifespan.

Tyres are such an integral part of forklift or industrial truck that by following the strict standards of the machine specification for the fitting of tyres, users can significantly reduce the lifetime cost of the machine. Most of the time economics made around tyres are false economies in the long run.”

Specifying the right type of tyre can affect the lifting, stability and braking distances of an industrial truck, as well as improve its fuel economy. The use of an inferior product will severely impact not only the truck’s performance but also the health and safety of the operator.

“Solid industrial tyres are the most expensive consumable item, yet a higher quality tyre, specified and fitted correctly will last longer and give better shock absorption thereby reducing the wear and tear on the more expensive components of the machine.

The design of the tyre, in particular the lugs in the tread, has a big impact on vibration.\

Materials handling equipment and industrial trucks often have to operate in environments where there are poor or uneven ground conditions. Increased levels of vibration can be the result, which in turn are transmitted through the tyres, axels, frame, seat and floor-plate to employees who operate the equipment.

By optimizing the design, vibration transmitted through the tyres can be minimized.

Solid industrial Tyres also contribute to the truck’s stability. Overturns and tip- overs are a key concern with forklift trucks, which are often carrying loads whilst turning at speed.

Load should always be carried in the manner specified by the machine manufacture but the right forklift tyre can increase lateral load stability by up to 20%, helping to prevent tip-overs.

If this is not enough to convince a user of the importance of the right choice of forklift tyre, the issue of fuel consumption might. Forklift Tyres vary in their rolling resistance, the force needed to keep the tyres in motion: the higher the rolling resistance the more energy required to keep the truck in motion. Continental premium tyre can save up to 7- 15 % on fuel / energy cost over its nearest competitors.

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