Next thing (he) knew, people were running and a woman fell into his arms. “I asked her what happened. She said, ‘I just saw a plane go through the World Trade Center.’ From that point on, I knew the city was under attack.”
My 9–11 Chronicle: “Feels Like I Just Escaped Death”
Herbert Lowe

Consider yourself lucky. How about everyday waking up to see all the surrounding has been damage, guns shells everywhere, bomb and mortar, houses and building collapsed, kids crying for mom and dad, crying for food, crying for mercy. While your government do such terible things to their own people and blame it on Islam.

The question is.. Who? Consider checking on your vote and do consider to define the word terrorist to others than Muslim. As we all know how pathetic United States government being controlled by Zionis. It’s a disgraceful to human civilisation, with such big powers and responsibility. They killed their own people just because someone told them to do so. Why do you care so much about Zionis???

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