I’m a verified Twitter user with 11k followers. Here’s why I’m quitting the site.
Kelly Ellis

You know what i like about twitter more than any other social media platform out there? There is no real censorship. And the freedom of speech is very important to me. Let me explain this a but further:

What i don’t understand: Why don’t you just block this guy? People who interact with you online and who also get harassed by such an idiot should and could decide for themself what to do and what to think about such an idiot. People who interact with me online and take such bullshit from such an idiot are not my friends or people i don’t wanna talk with. So it all gets sorted out by itself.
I really dunno what your problem is when you could just have blocked this guy?

It’s the wrong way to go away and to leave. Stay. Report those accounts. Block them.

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