Hi Niels,
Simon Smailus

I understand and respect your point but I don’t agree with it because of the following reasons:

  • It’s subjective. You’re saying Office365 might get away with it, because you consider it essential. But others might have different ideas about this. Next to that, there are free alternatives for Office365 too, why are you not using that?
  • Your statement “Any app I am no longer able to use for whatever reason gets 1-star.” is not correct specifically for Daily. You can continue using version 1.9, without limitations and without purchasing a subscription. In that sence giving a 1-star review is simply unfair.
  • Why try to convince others to say no to subscriptions in general? Users have the ability to decide this for themselves, right? Developers are not forcing users to subscribe (at least not with Daily). If they think the value of a solution is worth more than the (recurring) investment they make, exactly what is the problem? I invite you to take a look at some recent reviews of Daily promoting the subscription model. You will see many users have a different opinion than yours.
  • Based on your statement “In the end things will only change if users reject the models they disagree with.” I have a feeling you are not willing to compensate for the (often massive) investment (and risks) developers are taking when developing software. I honostly don’t get this. Why go against the concepts of the free market by ruling out the price factor? And as you say it too: “there is a cost to free solutions”. And that’s more than the “assembly” point you’re making.
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