I actually don’t use Office365, but used it as an example.
Simon Smailus

So, because of the App Store having limitations (not able to review an older version of the app), you are blaming developers? I would love Apple to provide the ability to my users to download older versions. But they don’t and you blame me for that limitation. That does not sound fair. Instead I have to tell users explicitely to send me an email so I can manually send them the old version. I am giving users another option than stop using my app or pay for a subscription. I give them the possibility to continue using what they initially have paid for (and probably more, as they likely benefit from features introduced after their purchase date).

About your statement “Subscription are paid because that is the only option not the preferred option.”… this might be your opinion but if you take a look at some of the recent reviews of Daily you see different opinions: they actually care about the software and the team behind it and are supporting ongoing development by purchasing a subscription. You’re saying “I simply find developers are now asking for more than I am prepared to pay” but again: this is subjective. Why not have people decide this for themselves? Why do you need to spread the word people should say no to subscriptions?

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