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When you commit to something 99.9 % it can seem like you are very dedicated. But actually, you have just set yourself up for failure.

Because now you have to think about when the 0,1 % is okay.

You have to make a decision: Is it okay this time? Is it okay today?

Decisions eat from your willpower, and that’s a problem. Because willpower is like time: you only get a fixed amount every day.

When it’s gone, it’s gone.

So in order to preserve willpower, you should cut out decisions about unimportant things, in order to have more willpower for when you need to decide on something that’s important to you.

The difference is 0.1 %

99.9 % means that there’s a decision to make = willpower will be used = not what we want.

100 % means you will do it, no questions asked; or rather: no decision needed.

When it’s 100 %, it’s not a question of whether you are going to do it or not; it’s simply a matter of how you are going to do it. And our brains are really good at how.

Cherry on top: Doing something that’s demanding of you like establishing or breaking a habit builds up more willpower over time, which means you can make even better decisions for yourself going forward.

You want that!

So start today

Commit 100 % to doing something every single day: Do one pushup first thing in the morning. Or two squats. Or both.

Keep at it for 30 days and watch what happens.

I dare you!

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