There are a lot of legends and secrets hidden behind Niemodlin Castle’s walls. The speculations by the locals run ramped about Aunt Elizabeth in particular.

This tragic story dates back to the long-standing times that expound an age old story about a pernicious woman that goes by the name Elizabeth, who never seemed to obtain an understanding with her relatives. As one story goes there was a wedding to take place at the castle and of course friends and family were bustling to make all the appropriate preparations for friends, family as well as guests. A bride and groom planned to wed in this castle to pledge their vows of a sacred marriage that would yield for no one person, true love at its best. The ceremony was to be held in the bowels of resplendent chapel in the castle.

The evening before this magical event, the preparations were in full swing concerning the attire, practice in reciting the groom’s speech for the onlookers. The children were left to their own devices roaming about the castle with complete immunity. The children were running wild and on the loose came across something that would astonish the most famous historian, something extraordinary. Unexpectedly, they had discovered something that was long since forgotten but now found — a secret door…

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