Their ventures are living proof that people of color do have wanderlust, too

FFor years, there’s been a stereotype in mainstream media that Black and Brown Americans specifically, just don’t travel. Or if they do, it’s to places like Vegas, Miami, or the Caribbean. But recently it seems like the tide is changing. A 2018 study by the Mandala Research Firm reports that…

Ting Ting Liang, owner of the city’s first lesbian bar, reflects on how queer identity has evolved in China’s largest metropolis.

Photos by Yuyang Liu

Born in Den Ham, a small village in the Netherlands, Ting Ting Liang was practically raised in the kitchen. Her parents worked in and owned several eateries when she was growing up, and Liang, 31, says of the industry: “It kind of stays in your…

Niesha Davis

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