The New World of NFTs and Automation

By: Luisa Nieto

The dark Mexican bar serving tequila and jazz music is often reserved for events due to it’s multiple colorful designed skulls.

Hermana NYC hosted an NFT and automation event for professionals to network and share the growth of this new era. After 2019, Non-Fungible Tokens also known as NFTS became the new assets everyone raved about because it can take form of digital art, collectibles, music, or a combination of all 3.

The man who created the first NFT was Kevin McCoy on May 3rd 2014. He minted “Quantum” which is a pixelated image of an octagon with moving circles, arc, and other shapes in the center. This piece today is on sale for about 7 million dollars.

Alexandra Casale and her dad Frank Casale: The creators of the NFT event Tech Sharp

The coordinator of the event was a young female going to Columbia University for Computer Science and Economics along with her father who has been in Finance for many years.

Jazz band playing in between the breaks the speakers took

The jazz band usually plays at the Hermana NYC but they brought a different vibe to this occasion. Networking events usually don't have music in the background, just the sound of multiple conversations happening all at once.

The crowd consisted mainly of men in Finance, IT, Computer Science, and automation. Alexandra Casale quoted “It was a big turnout for our first event and obviously we need to work on getting more women involved.”

She invited her friends and roommates however the women who actually were in the industry that were trying to network were only a handful.

Two friends in Real Estate networking with an automation and processing professional for Citibank

This new world of NFTs can be entered by anyone and no experience is necessary which is why Alex is inclined to get more women for the next event she hosts.

There are some women today selling NFT images of themselves on and making a profit. “If you are an influencer, people will pay for your NFT and raise its value as it continues to be traded” an NFT expert advised.

Frank Casale giving thanks to everyone who came and introducing the speakers
Citibank Processing VP explaining his history in Computer Science and how it contributed to his automation ideas at the bank

Many people are transitioning their original roles into a more Fintech role as the world becomes more automated.

Denys Krasnikov is the founder of

“My website can translate any video to 7 languages.” Denys from the Ukraine showed me how he copied the link from a youtube video in Russian and how it automatically translates in Spanish.

This automation process is revolutionary because it fixes the language barriers many people have. Kind of like me who had difficulty learning english when I first came to this country.

Alex Casale closing her event and announcing details for her next one

The NFT world can became a woman dominated but it’s still needs a lot of work and people like Alexandra. As someone like me in Finance who works in a team of only men, I agree that we need more diversity in IT.



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