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“It is evident that Plato invented Atlantis as a plot device for his dialogues.” It is, in fact, not evident at all. Actually, had you the foggiest clue about the origin of Plato’s story you would not have made such an uninformed and erroneous assertion. But I’’ll leave it to you to do the requisite research.

As the bulk of this article is premised on an ad hominem, I would rather not debate its merits. However, as the ad hominem is, apparently, the basis for your dismissal of “Freund’s vast experience in directing various archaeological projects”, once again, it is pointless to debate the merits of your attack upon his research.

Also, if he isn’t qualified, then as a self professed ‘scarf aficionado” with zero archeological or scientific background (at least according to the qualifications you note about yourself), what makes you an expert on the “standard of scientific thinking” that would qualify you to question his work?
A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing when wielded by pretentious amateurs.

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