ONEPAGEX. Anonymous cryptocurrency converter

ONEPAGEX is a recently launched web application that allows you to change Bitcoins to hundreds of other cryptocurrencies in a simple way. The creators of the application will continue to improve the platform and ensure that soon they will not only convert Bitcoins, but also other cryptocurrencies.

As indicated by the platform, the exchange is very easy to perform: enter the amount of Bitcoins to convert, select the destination cryptocurrency and place the withdrawal address, where you want to receive the converted amount. The platform will provide you with a Bitcoin address where you must deposit the amount you entered at the beginning.

The page will show you the status of your transaction. The FAQ of the application, informs that a transaction should not exceed 25 minutes to be completed. Due to the fact that there is a delay longer than indicated, it is necessary to communicate with the support personnel. Also informs that charges fees are 0.5%

The application has a widget or integrated code, which can be introduced in any other web system, to allow the exchange function from any other website.

The advantage of using this application is that you don’t need any type of user registration. What makes transactions totally anonymous. Unlike conventional exchanges, which require a series of information and recognition processes to start making transactions. In addition to this, many exchanges force users to keep their cryptocurrencies in the wallets of the platforms, so users do not fully own their own funds.

Therefore, this exchange can perform “trustless” type transactions, which ensures that users will always have their money safe in their own wallet.

In addition to its fast and simple interface, the above is a great advantage for the platform that will ensure their success as an exchanger.