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Conventional commercials of brands and companies have lost the reach they used to have in the past. Normally a company used TV commercials, displayed its brand through a website and increased its reach by creating an account on social networks.

It is true that half of the world uses social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, to give an example. Users have access to these media through smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. Nowadays, television, newspapers and other physical media are being left in the past. Users have grown tired of the flood of advertisements through the internet and this is seen in ad-blocking software, which is increasingly implemented on different platforms.

The current trend is to use people who have influence in social networks, the so-called influencers. To take advantage of the followers of these people as future clients, by getting influencers to promote products and brands to their fans.

This has originated the so-called influence marketing. Which is cheaper than conventional marketing and has an investment return up to 10 times higher. Since the brands or products will be recommended by reliable people and known by hundreds of followers who respect their opinions.

PATRON facilitates influence marketing for companies by creating a platform based on blockchain technology, which connects influencers to brands.

PATRON makes it easier for companies to search for influencers, classifying them by niches, by their exposure in social networks, their reach, confidence, and their power to engaging and history.

PATRON uses the power of the blockchain to eliminate the intermediary and allow the creation of transactions between the users of the system: influential (host), sponsors (guest) and followers.

PATRON offers a win-win relationship to both the influential, offering stable income, and sponsors, who can find the appropriate influencer for your product.

PATRON uses its own token, called PAT (ERC-20), which serves to pay and hire the influential. It is also used by followers, to support their favorite influencers.



Yaneth is a girl who loves makeup and has a lot of followers in their social networks, for their blogs about colors, cosmetics, tools, and makeup techniques. Thanks to PATRON, Yaneth can have a monthly income by offering herself as an influencer within the platform, since she has more than 10 thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Not only does she get income from the sponsors that PATRON helped to get but she also get free samples of lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, lip plumper, lip balm, concealers, etc. Which she gives to her followers, in contests and giveaways.