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Nife Oluyemi
Jan 24 · 3 min read

Have you ever struggled to find the appropriate stock image to best capture the idea you are trying to portray on your website, blog article, or even tweet! Well, I bring you good news. The team at Icons8 have come up with a “Photo Creator” to help you create the ideal photo content.

There are so many stock photo on the internet today, from services like unsplash, pexels, stocksnap, to pixabay. However, there are too many and that is a problem. “How?”, you may ask, the Paradox of Choice says that too many choices paralyses human decision making. Another problem is searching through these stock photos to find the best fit can be a daunting task. Also, when creators finally find an appropriate, it is either too generic or contain one slight unwanted element. Creators want more control over what they pictures they publish, and Moose photo creator is the tool to solve these problems.

Moose Photo Creator comes with the ability to select high resolution models (faces), objects, background of you choice, and mix them up in one image. There is a robust collection these photo elements to use and search from. Moose comes with the idea that instead of searching for the right stock image why not create your own perfect stock image.

Other features include being able to resize a background, model or object. As with many photo editors, Moose allows you to undo and redo changes as well as save your pictures to drafts. Some keyboard shortcuts (delete, ctrl+z, etc) can be used to make your photo creating experience more familiar and better.

Images can be exported out to .jpeg or .png formats. For $20 per month you can export to a layered PSD file and continue editing in photoshop.

Moose Photo Creator

Moose will benefit many creators who do not have graphic design experience. It is quick to make an image, a hence, will reduce the time is takes to launch that website, or publish that blog post.

Potential Customers: Web developers, Content creators, graphic designers, Sales reps, Marketers, Bloggers, Publishers, Photographers, Product Hunters,

There is a feature in PowerPoint for sending layers in an image either to the front or back. For example, if a text is at the back of another object, I should be able to move the text in front of the object, and vice versa.

As part of the categories of image element, I suggest adding an Icons category. Which will contain a collection of of beautiful icons to add to a creation. Most preferably Multicolor icons.

Lastly, the ability to import custom model or object into the Photo Creator.

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