Product Exercise Day 12 of 20: Amazon Lite

This is Day 12 of my 20-day Product Challenge.

source — Amazon Lite on PH

What is the product about?

Amazon Lite is not affiliated with, but it is a chrome extension to give you a pleasant experience while shopping on Amazon. By pleasant experience I mean an ad-free, no sponsored products and less cluttered website.

When you install and add the extension to you browser, it automatically detects whenever you browse to the website. Amazon Lite removes all the ads and sponsored products leaving you with the core shopping experience you need.

Potential Customers: shoppers

How did the creator(s) think about this idea?

Apart from selling, Amazon also makes money from Ads and sponsored products. Whenever online shoppers are browsing through Amazon, there are a lot of content like these Ads that distracts them from the beneficial shopping specific content. Due to Amazon’s monopoly in ecommerce, users have habituated this pain, and manually filter through the noise on the site.

Ads are critical to Amazon’s business model model and have found their way to almost every page on the site. Even on user review pages you find some there. As with the founder of Amazon Lite, I also have tried Ad blockers, but many internet companies have found their way around them. Amazon is no different and you find out Ad blockers does not remove Ads from their website.

Amazon Lite was created to simplify shopping experience by allowing a user find products they are looking for, and not suggested ones paid to be on the top of search results or home page. The basic reasons we go to Amazon is to find what we need, read user reviews, view cart, and check out items. Shoppers do not have to waste more time trying to do these basic things and Amazon Lite gives them this benefit.

What did they get right?

After removing all the noise from the website the new layout is simple and easy to navigate. Amazon Lite removes a lot of content that is not beneficial to the shoppers, hence, reducing time spent shopping and prevent spending on marketed items.

Ads and sponsored products are interruptive marketing that take up most of the screen space and tells a shopper to stop what they are doing and pay attention to them. Amazon Lite gives the shopper more control of their shopping experience by saying no to these distractions.

Furthermore, the browser extension does not interfere with other sites, and only turns on when you go to


  1. Betterzon
  2. Ad Block
  3. Ghostery

Why do people like the product?

To me, it makes more usable. The chrome extension appeals to the minimalist amongst us, as it present a more decluttered Amazon shopping experience.

There is no extra setting needed after installing the Amazon Lite extension. All users need to do is, go to the amazon website as they would every other day. This makes the product at the barest minimum of simplicity and delightful to all kinds of shoppers.

People also notice that there is a reduction in the amount of time spent on A reduction in unimportant content directly translates to a reduction in task needed to manually filter through the site. Some claim it speeds up browsing, but I did not notice any difference. I assume on lower internet speeds, people would notice the difference.

Possible Improvements

I am in Canada and my browser autocomplete always goes to, because that is the domain I always use. The extension did not work on this domain until I browsed to After trying other domain, I find that the product does not work on other domains apart from .com. I suggest adding support for other Amazon domains (.ca,, .de, etc.).

Thanks for reading, I will be posting another Product Exercise tomorrow as part of my daily product challenge for 20 days.