Hey U of Chicago: I’m an academic & survivor. I use trigger warnings in my classes. Here’s why.
E Price

“Here is how and why tape is used: two items can be joined together.”

“Tape? I’m against it. It’s always used to tape peoples’ mouths shut! And universities are forcing professors to do it!”

“Actually, that’s not the case. In fact, almost no schools even have a policy on tape at all. Plus I was telling the truth about how I use it, which is also how it’s almost universally used.”

“I’m all for using an adhesive strip to join to fabrics together, but do we really need tape?”

“That’s what tape is.”

“At Yale they taped a kid’s shoes together and he tripped!”

“It’s for things like repairing tears and so forth.”

“What if you made an animal eat tape? What then?”

“It can be misused, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used for its actual purpose.”

“A lot of commentators have expressed concern about how tape is the reason “kids these days” are they way they are.”

“The commentators actually don’t know how tape is used either.”

“I never needed tape when I was in college.”


Thanks for your post. Fight the good fight.

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