NiFTyLIFE Guild Update | November 2021

NiFTyLIFE has been developing our NFT Marketplace, NFT Pack Breaks and other community tools for over a year and a half. We are entering our third month as a Block Producer Guild on the WAX blockchain and continue to enhance our products alongside providing the hardware and software resources required to run the WAX blockchain, currently the most used NFT blockchain in the world.

This article will cover updates to our products, NiFTyLIFE’s community participation for November 2021, and technical additions to our bare metal server array.

Product Developments

NFT images and videos can be large, cumbersome, and sometimes impossible to load during usual NFT marketplace activity. For this reason it’s generally not recommended to load full size images when querying a batch of listings because in many cases it will never load and public ipfs node video streaming is severally limited. For our public facing products we run a private ipfs node and an NFT image and video ‘resizer’ that works to resize every NFT on the WAX blockchain and either serve the resized version with our products or fetch the data from the ipfs network. This month we completed full browser support for resized images and videos, including Safari and mobile browsers. Re-sizing is an ongoing workload as new NFT’s are added everyday and this will greatly increase the speed and functionality when using our flagship products Waxstash and Pack Breaks.

Waxstash NFT Marketplace is undergoing a full rebuild to eventually become, a marketplace that will provide full NFT support including a new UI, market, inventory, explorer, drop page, and even NFT creation. Initially, and will exists side by side, but will be different as will still merge Simpleassets and Atomicassets standards and provide multiple currency support. We will continue to update the community as we progress on

Pack Breaks is getting a couple new smart contracts and an exciting new feature. Currently, pack breaks supports selling supported unopened packs owned by WAX users into slots. For example, if you own a pack that contains 15 NFTs, you could sell it in a Pack Break of 15 slots, each slot buyer would be randomly airdropped one NFT pulled from the pack once the pack opens. We are working on a new feature called ‘Repack’ which will allow NFT’s to be re-packed into a pack and placed into a pack break. The difference between an unopened pack and a repack is that in the repack slot buyers will know which exact NFTs and mint numbers it contains. For example, there could be an OS1 repack created containing an Adam Bomb mint #10, and although slot buyers wont know where the Adam Bomb will land, they will know that one of the slots in that repack will get it. It will be a new fun way to use, collect, and sell NFTs and it will exists alongside the regular pack breaks.

Community Events

NFT.NYC took place between November 1st and November 5th and it was an amazing success for NFT’s all around, taking over Times Square in NYC. NiFTyLIFE had the pleasure attending the events for the week, meeting blockchain stakeholders, WAX Guilds, and all things NFT. WAX Founder William Quigley was there to speak on the future of NFTs and WAX and there were countless after parties where we exchanged NFTs, ideas, and friendship.

The next NFT.NYC is planned for June 2022 and we cannot wait to be there.

Technical Updates

We added two bare metal servers to our infrastructure for a total of 7. We currently run:

  • 2 WAX mainnet producer nodes
  • 1 WAX mainnet API node —
  • 1 WAX testnet producer node
  • 1 WAX testnet API node
  • IPFS and image servers

The two servers we added this month are tracing the full history of the WAX Blockchain and will be setup to provide an Atomic API and a history snapshot. Full history is a tremendous amount of data and takes a couple of days just to download the data, then it takes weeks to sync up the Atomic API database which we expect to have completed before the next Guild update.

Roy from NiFTyLIFE spends an hour a day in WAX discord, in the main chat, multiple NFT projects, and waxstash-packbreaks channels, answering user questions and providing information on projects. Come chat here.




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