The Best Expanders And Grooving Tools Are Manufactured Here

Grooving in mechanical term means the make a narrow and long cut on a surface. The grooving makes another material to pass and move through the cut and be guided. There are some surfaces, where other materials need to be passed, and here grooving helps. The cut is also known as a canal. This canal can be round, oval or arc shape to let another metal pass through it.

The groove has a circular path covering the full circumference and ends at the mid point or is referred as the diameter of the groove. It is also known as the final destination of the grooving. For a perfectly circular cross section, a dwell is added. If the cross section is critical then a dwell is added. At least on revolution is required. But most of the times a spiral movement is sufficient.

There Are Two Types Of Grooving:

1. Face grooving: — Here the support section under the insert is curved.

2. Radial grooving: — Here the support section is straight.

There comes a special tool for grooving the metal. This tool is required by the manufacturers of industrial products. Thus the grooving tool has a special importance in the market of industrial products.

Besides, there is another tool known as tube expander. The tube expanders expand the inner side of plastic or rubber tubes. It controls the expansion limits and expands the plastic giving a perfect expansion to the material. Most tube expanders have a foot pedal and a cylinder to increase the size of the tube and allow the required expansion. The cylinder and foot pad are very robust so that the pressure can be easily inserted in the material. The tube expanders also come in full stainless steel base.

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