“Lycra Louts” and “Hogger Joggers”: A Daily Mail & Trinity Mirror Anti-Cycling Hate Campaign

In the meantime not a word on any of this from the Mail or Trinity group. But hay not sensational enough and to many Car drivers to show how shit they are at driving.

It found that over the period, eight pedestrians had been killed after being hit by car drivers, and 27 were seriously injured, in five of these cases the motorist fleeing the scene. Two cyclists were killed (one in a hit and run) and four badly hurt, two again by drivers who did not stop.

Three motorcyclists died after colliding with cars, and 26 people in motor vehicles died in various other collisions (I excluded single-vehicle crashes).

Other incidents included a 12-year-old girl pushed off her bike by a man, after which she was almost hit and killed by a car, and a six-year-old boy run over and trapped under a mobility scooter, the driver of which then left the scene (at a presumably sedate pace).

Beyond the horrible crash on the M1 which killed eight people, none of these, that I saw, made the front pages — or any pages — of the national newspapers.

Thanks to The Guardian for all of the above facts.

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