The moral ambiguity of Blockchain in the Tech Universe

Blockchain advocates the promise of a new economy and the potential for greater equality among human beings however is this really the case or is it a false message generated and carried about by overzealous blockchain evangelists? Many advocate that Blockchain is a revolution.

A revolution is a complete and radical shift of a current scenario. Can we classify blockchain as a revolution or an evolution? Blockchain is essentially a new ‘form’ of technology that promises to solve very difficult human challenges. The challenges are not new but blockchain seems to offer answers that are more efficient than others.

Technology development doesn’t just happen. It’s a process. A process of advancement by generating solutions to current challenges. The irony is such that technology advances by solving challenges and thus it creates new challenges along the way.

The internet revolution solved the challenges of connection and communication, bridging the world together and eliminating borders. In so doing it created a vast network that is used to distribute crime, pornography and things like fake news thus adding to the confusion of the world. A major challenge solved but birthing new ones.

Social media promised to bring connection of humans together and create online communities. It did this with great effect but we now find the youth having less confidence and deeper social identification disorders. Studies show evidence of heightened insecurity due to social media being their primary method of engagement with others.

Adult social media came into the picture to allow adults to meet other singles and engage in friendships or sex. This progressed into acceptable online platforms that advocate the participation in extra-marital affairs such as ….

They say hindsight is the perfect science. What will blockchain promise to solve today but create impediments later for humanity to solve. Could it be the ‘trust-less’ nature of this technology and its principle design to replace human trust with programmable trust?

If we gauge the progressive nature of technology advancement there is a correlation between the rapid rise of technology and the quickening of its adoption. Here is a graph indicating the rapid developing nature of technology. Should we be concerned with this?

Is blockchain another problem solver or maker

Blockchain seems to answer the challenges for transparency and trust. In a world layered with human beings working to earn and retain their own piece of the survival pie it is understandable that minimal trust exists between us. To be more accurate, trust exists in the form of mutually beneficial goals. Therefore, it stands to reason that we trust each other because we share a common goal and once that is achieved our trust needs have expired.

Why am I highlighting trust in here?

The answer to this is the promise of the blockchain. A program built to run without the need to trust another person. A program that will carry out the exact instructions built into it using smart contracts. These instructions do not need intervention or control from any central authority. The blockchain slogan: Trust is over rated anyway

My concern is a simple one. Will blockchain technology become a substitute for the ‘trust’ human beings should have between each other? Are we replacing our ethical codes and moral compass with technology? These questions may at first seem simple to answer but unpacking the psychology of humanity to answer them will not be.

The debate over the ambiguity of blockchain solving humanities trust issues will become layered in philosophy over ethics and morality. Technology will win this argument in all its forms. The world does need saving and it has become clear that we do not possess the capacity to solve our own challenges any longer. We keep handing over our humanity to technology as each passing year ticks by. We seem desperate and incapable to re-engineering the vice grip we have created upon ourselves.

Here is a graph illustrating my point on tech advancement and its eventual overthrow of human services.

Blockchain is going to become an integral component of the Technology universe in the coming years. I am curious to learn if it will be a moral technology that will genuinely help humanity rise above its current limitation or will impose its own set of rules and therefore new generation of challenges to be solved. Time will tell.

If we are made in Gods image then technology is made in ours.

We are see that our son is becoming more powerful and more influential than us, its maker. Blockchain is touted as being as important as the internet is to mankind. We are seeing incredibly intelligent people programming the blockchain protocol with AI and other nifty features which are reported to help us solve even more challenges. Indeed, we are a paradise of problem solving and therefore fertile ground for the next generation of Billionaires.

Blockchain promises a new world. I don’t doubt this statement as all the evidence points to it. I wonder how this new world will be structured and made accessible to us to live in. Will we need to give up more of our humanity as an entry pass into this new world of potentials? Here is a graph illustrating the expected likelihood of the effects AI will have on humanity. I believe these events will happen sooner now with blockchain in the picture.

What can we say about all this? Not much really. We rely on technology way to much to stop now and we couldn't do so even if we tried. My concern is whether we are sacrificing more of our humanity and handing it over to machines and AI in order to fix what we have broken.

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