Love and Proposals
Jeffrey Zeldman

Spot on. Over the years I’ve learned to love the proposal writing aspect of the job. Determining the approach, planning and estimating is both creatively satisfying and rewarding. But yes, you do need to get over your inner procrastinating child telling you to go do something more stimulating.

After experiencing some disastrous miss-deliveries earlier in my career, proposal writing was at first a way taking back this aspect of the sales process and putting it back into the hands of subject matter experts. The people or teams that will ultimately execute the proposal. Ensuring the approach to a solution properly addresses the business problem or ask. This is a critical step in any design project as it can set it off on the right or wrong foot.

Over the years, this type of work became a mild addiction. I’ve grown to enjoy the process(after the initial procrastination). It’s forced me to look more critically and creatively at the approach, holistically across service offerings, learn new methodologies and activities, collaborate with other disciplines and find efficiencies.

People do look at me funny when I say I enjoy writing proposals though :|

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