New electric van in NZ

Nigel Ramsay
Aug 18, 2019 · 2 min read

I was pleasantly surprised to see a new electric van available in New Zealand. It’s the EV 80 from LDV (a Chinese brand). Price $57,500 + ORC


Here’s the basic stats when compared with the other EV van, the Nissan eNV200:

  • Volume: 4.2 m3 (nissan) vs 10.4 m3 (ldv)
  • Minibus Seats: 7 seats (nissan) vs 10 seats (ldv)
  • Cargo: 705 kg (nissan) vs 1000 kg (ldv)
  • Battery: 40kWh (nissan) vs 56 kWh (ldv)
  • NEDC Range: 280 km (nissan empty) vs 192 km (ldv with 50% load) so not a fair comparison
Minibus mode
Chassis-only mode

I suspect we’ll see a few other these on the road soon, and with the chassis-only mode, there will probably be a bunch of localised configurations — such as campers, etc.

Nigel Ramsay

Written by

Managing Director at Abletech

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