Reducing the size of Javascript files can reduce your CO2 emissions

I recently read about this in Danny van Kooten’s blog post on the CO2 emission reductions he achieved through reducing the size of his Wordpress plugins.

I was inspired to see what efficiencies we could also make with our AddressFinder plugin. This story follows our investigation, challenges and how we were able to reduce our plugin size by 25%.

AddressFinder plugin running on an address form

Can we reduce our file sizes too?

Could we reduce the file size of our Javascript code, and consequently reduce the emissions…

What does a Covid spike look like?

Here’s a closer look at the impact of today’s 1pm update from Jacinda Arden and Ashley Bloomfield.

Usually caused by an event

It arrives suddenly

We know there are a lot of these updates going around at the moment, and we are reluctant to add to the volume. But, it’s important for our customers to know that we are prepared and have a plan for operating though this event.

AddressFinder is running as normal.

We’re fortunate to be an online service

We don’t have physical branches or deliveries. We can support AddressFinder from both our office and from home.

You can continue to search and verify addresses as you always do.

We’re busy doing what we usually do

We continue to refresh our data sets in both Australia and New Zealand, with the freshest address data. …

I’ve decided to take control of my internet presence, by creating a new self-hosted blog using Jekyll.

I’ll write some more about this later, but in the meantime my own content is now hosted at

I’ll need to keep my Medium account open, so that I can continue to contribute to the Abletech blog, which is still hosted here on Medium.

The MG ZS is a Chinese manufactured electric car that is of the slightly larger size. Medium sized SUV.

The TLDR summary is: cheaper, larger, good enough.

They are offering these for about NZ $50 grand. That’s cheaper than a Leaf, Tesla, Kona, eNiro, Zoe. And that’s for a car with a 44.5 kWh battery.

Teslabjorn seems to like them:

Electric cars are getting cheaper! Yay!

Battery upgrades for older Nissan Leafs

Great to see NZ based battery replacement and upgrade services available for older Nissan Leafs. See this YouTube clip showing how they do it:

The company that offer the upgrades is EVs Enhanced.

The goal for this trip was fewer charging stops

Today, we have returned from a lovely summer holiday near Taupō. The driving distance was 342 km, with an expected driving time of 4:40.

Unlike our previous journey, this time we set out to charge the fewest number of times.

Stop 1: Mangaweka (7 mins)

Nigel drove from Wellington to Whakapapa — here’s how the electric charging went along the way

We are on our way to Whakapapa for a few nights. We have a 2017 Nissan Leaf with a 40 kWh battery, which is good for about 200 km of highway driving (5 people with luggage).

The driving plan today is ‘smaller, frequent top-ups’ rather than ‘fewer, longer charges’. The goal is to avoid arriving at a charger that is in use, but being forced to wait as the next charger is too far away.

Wellington to Levin

We departed Wellington on a full 100% charge level. Terrible traffic around Otaki adds about 20 minutes to the journey.

The ‘Pro Pilot’ feature in…

I was pleasantly surprised to see a new electric van available in New Zealand. It’s the EV 80 from LDV (a Chinese brand). Price $57,500 + ORC


Here’s the basic stats when compared with the other EV van, the Nissan eNV200:

  • Volume: 4.2 m3 (nissan) vs 10.4 m3 (ldv)
  • Minibus Seats: 7 seats (nissan) vs 10 seats (ldv)
  • Cargo: 705 kg (nissan) vs 1000 kg (ldv)
  • Battery: 40kWh (nissan) vs 56 kWh (ldv)
  • NEDC Range: 280 km (nissan empty) vs 192 km (ldv with 50% load) so not a fair comparison

Electric vehicles don’t use fossil fuel but what about the Lithium and Cobalt? How long do batteries last? Can batteries be recycled?


If the world is going to survive the climate crisis, then fewer cars and more public and ‘active’ transport is the answer.

At the moment, our cities and lifestyle expect car ownership.

Nigel Ramsay

Technical Director at Abletech

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