Voice Is the Next Big Platform, Unless You Have an Accent
Sonia Paul

What bothers me most about this technology is that it is going to take us another step further from human-to-human interaction. The time is coming when a machine will answer a call and not even provide a list of choices so we can press 1, 2, or 3. We will make our request or explain our problem and the machine will put actions in place. The current lack of real human interaction is apparent with email used over a telephone a huge amount of the time already. Worse is watching people out at dinner on their phones, rather than conversing. What makes things happen more quickly and efficiently is people talking to people. It is better for mental health, too! Having very good systems in place helps. With the rise in VOIP for business telecoms, I am sure we all hate the human calls where the caller sounds like they are at the bottom of a barrel. These are not good interactions. There are good systems available and good providers. If interested, there is more info at http://opus-telecoms.co.uk/support/support-services/system-maintenance/.

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