Cultivating That Safe Space Within

It was 2013. I was standing at a bus stop in Southeast Asia, tears running down my face soaking the neck of my shirt. As the tears flowed, my chest filled with relief. I was experiencing a breakthrough, finally surrendering enough to cry, 3 years after I embarked on my first entrepreneurial venture. For those 3 years I was coarse with those around me, quick to judge, money and deal-making being my primary driver. As the tears softened the armored layer of my chest I felt alone, disconnected with the parts of me unexpressed and disconnected to the meaning of it all, a purpose for my life.

It was only until I started asking, “Is this all there is to life?”, did a friend recommend I do some inner work. I attended a tribal mens weekend in rural Australia hosted by ManKind Project. I was blown away. I uncovered the root drivers of my actions in the world, exposed my limiting self-talk (voice in the head) and, most importantly, experienced a feeling of limitlessness and support difficult to describe. I witnessed other men doing their own “work”, and felt compassion for their situations, seeing them as my brothers with similar struggles around sexuality, relationships, self-expression, relationships with business partners.

I was in awe by the space that was created through and by the men that lead the retreat. The experiences were designed and executed with such finesse, piercing down to my deepest truths. I wanted so badly to learn how to hold this space of transformation. How did these facilitators do what they did??

5 years into my journey I realized that it takes an immense amount of self-work and reflection to become a master facilitator. They’ve practiced the fundamentals of creating a safe space, building a shared reality in which so much can be experienced and explored together.

I’ve practiced how to cultivate this safe space within myself and how to create and hold this for others. I’ve built two communities of practice based on love, intention, healing and transparency. I’ve facilitated conflict-resolution within my communities, my entrepreneurial network, and in intimate relationships. I’ve hosted and facilitated numerous men’s circles that provide a safe space to look at and process men’s specific issues. It is my intention to spread the gifts of this work to as many persons who would seek it.

My journey spans being a two time entrepreneur, environmental engineer, disaster relief respondent, mediator, and circle facilitator.

I would love to help you facilitate the following:

  • Conflict resolution for founding/business teams
  • Resolving Issues in intimate relationships
  • Leading circles of men to experience deep connection to themselves, nature and fellow men.

Contact me and find out more here

Mediator, Facilitator & Water Entrepreneur

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